The h/p/cosmos Diagnostics & Locomotion Alliance Campus

h/p/cosmos Diagnostics & Locomotion Alliance Campus
27 Feb 2024

In the company's 36-year history, h/p/cosmos has constantly expanded since it was founded in 1988 in order to serve the growing global demand for sports equipment and medical products with innovative and long-lasting devices and systems.
For further stable and sustainable development, h/p/cosmos bought a 26,000 sqm property in Traunstein near the Munich-Salzburg motorway a few years ago and thus in the heart of Europe. The planning for the h/p/cosmos Diagnostics and Locomotion Alliance Campus has now been completed and a building application has been submitted. Construction should then begin shortly.

Four halls for production, storage and logistics are planned in several construction phases, as well as four office buildings with a large exhibition room and conference room for around 80 to 100 participants. A powder coating system will also be integrated for the production of the frame parts for the h/p/cosmos treadmills, ergometers, airwalk unweighting systems, robowalk gait trainers and other innovative solutions. Around 15000 square meters of commercial space will be created in the modern building complexes on the campus. h/p/cosmos will need a large part of this for its own use.
Rentals are also planned, primarily to partners and companies from the medical technology, rehabilitation, diagnostics, sports and health sectors. Rooms can also be provided for a neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation center.

Synergies can arise through the shared use of exhibition rooms and conference rooms, for example in research projects, training courses, seminars, events or dealer and distributor meetings. Collaborations in research projects, development, robotics, production and sales are also planned on the campus.

Anyone interested in renting halls, offices or commercial space should send an email to

h/p/cosmos Diagnostics & Locomotion Alliance Campus