h/p/cosmos discontinues participation at MEDICA tradeshow

11 Feb 2020

Since 1990, h/p/cosmos has been annually exhibiting at the MEDICA tradeshow. With our scope of almost 30 years of active participation and a close eye on developments and market trends, we have recognized major changes during the last decade.

From the early days on, MEDICA has gained its reputation as the world’s leading exhibition for the health and medical industry by creating a melting pot for companies around the globe to network, to get in contact with new distributors, to present and launch new products and - most importantly - to meet customers and those, working with the products and systems on a daily basis. Even though the show grew massively over the years, pricing and support of the show could at any time be kept on a stable, reasonable and fair level which is greatly appreciated. For many years, MEDICA formed the perfect combination of business meetings and the close contact to the users for h/p/cosmos! MEDICA was an obligatory date and a highlight in our annual event schedule.

But over the last years, the setting changed. In the early years, the audience and visitors consisted of international distributors and also many therapists, doctors and users of medical devices. Since the event got re-scheduled, it no longer covers a weekend but only working days. This triggered a significant change in the visitor profile. Now a visitor had to decide whether to do his regular business or to get informed on the most recent developments in the industry - a harsh decision for our users in general, especially e.g. for self-employed therapists in Germany and neighbouring countries. Even though we and other exhibitors communicated our view on these topics with the MEDICA committee, they sticked to their decision. At some point in the past decade, the setting flipped and the average visitor had an industrial or purely commercial background and no longer a therapeutic, diagnostic, rehabilitative or medical one. Therapists, doctors and most other users focussed on seminars, workshops and the various congresses, leading to a boom of these specialized and user-centric events. In addition, the changing mind-set to information due to the “information-on-demand mentality” caused by the internet and social media also led to decreasing numbers of tradeshow visitors in general for almost all industries around the globe.

It has been a tough decision to the management and team of h/p/cosmos, but because of the details mentioned, we will no longer exhibit at MEDICA tradeshow as of 2020.

Going forward, we will re-focus on events that create a better benefit for our valued customers, the therapists, doctors and all those, working with our devices in the field. Thanks also to the great loyalty and ongoing trust of each and every one of our customers, we are a financially independent company with great stability, enabling us to review and increase our marketing, educational and training efforts for the benefit of our valued customers. Therefore we will going forward organize more annual hands-on workshops and trainings for users, operators of our devices and systems as well as our associated sales and service partners worldwide. Be assured that we will neither reduce our marketing effort nor our contact with any of our distributors, users and peer-groups. We will continue our strive to create the best user experience - not only when working with our products and systems – but also at events, workshops and seminars. We are well aware of our customers’ precious time so the events, seminars and congresses we will participate in must and will create a value for the visitors. Kindly follow our event postings on our website, newsletters and social media to pick the event best matching your personal and professional preferences.

We are very much looking forward to staying in close contact with you, our customers and the users of our systems, at various events, seminars and congresses around the globe.

MEDICA has been an amazing and appreciated platform for h/p/cosmos for almost 3 decades and we are very grateful to the MEDICA committee for hosting us and giving is this platform.

Nevertheless – for h/p/cosmos – it is time to say goodbye, MEDICA.