h/p/cosmos management: The younger generation is now completely taking over.

h/p/cosmos management: The younger generation is now completely taking over.
17 Oct 2023
h/p/cosmos Top Management from left to right: Dr. Björn Zimmermann, Franz Harrer, Richard Schmidt, Nadine Schott, Alexander Böck

After 35 years, Franz Harrer will now step down as Managing Director of h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh at the end of October 2023, handing over all management responsibility to the top management team that has been well established for many years:

Richard Schmidt: Managing Director, has been with h/p/cosmos for 27 years
Alexander Böck: Managing Director, has been with h/p/cosmos for 18 years
Dr. Björn Zimmermann: Authorized Signatory, has been with h/p/cosmos for 10 years
Nadine Schott: Authorized Signatory, has been with h/p/cosmos for 8 years

The management, department heads and the entire h/p/cosmos team were officially informed of this well and long-planned step at an h/p/cosmos corporate meeting in May 2022. All training and handovers have been completed.

Since the company was founded in 1988, h/p/cosmos has developed over decades into a leading global company for sports equipment and medical devices with its own development, production, service and, with around 80% export share, also worldwide sales.
The h/p/cosmos treadmills, robowalk gait trainers, airwalk unweighting systems, torqualizer ergometers, discovery endless ladders, comet sprint trainers and special systems for athletic training, biomechanics, sports science, performance diagnostics, ergometry and rehabilitation are used daily in over 90 countries Olympic bases, fitness and performance centers, sports facilities, universities, research institutes and laboratories, therapy and rehabilitation centers.

h/p/cosmos is extremely stable and healthy, self-financed, profitable and enjoys an excellent reputation.
Even in the difficult years of the Covid-19 pandemic and the component supply crisis, h/p/cosmos did not have an hour of short-time work, no shutdowns and no delays in delivery of products to customers. On the contrary, h/p/cosmos once again generated record sales and healthy profits in 2021, 2022 and 2023.
This was also due to the enormous commitment of the h/p/cosmos employees, the very stable financial situation and enormous stocks of goods amounting to many millions of euros in the h/p/cosmos warehouse in order to always supply customers with h/p/cosmos products quickly and reliably.
With the new MDR certificate (EU) 2017/745 for Class IIb medical devices and the current ISO 13485 certification from November 2022, it was once again confirmed that h/p/cosmos is in an excellent regulatory position. An h/p/cosmos sales office in China is also planned for the end of 2023.

So now it's time to further promote the growth of h/p/cosmos.
The previous premises of h/p/cosmos in Nussdorf have become too small for the 72 employees and the constantly growing production numbers. h/p/cosmos is ultimately targeting annual sales of up to 16 million euros in 2023. Therefore, a new h/p/cosmos production building with an office building and large showroom in Traunstein near lake Chiemsee (Bavaria, South Germany) is now on the agenda.
After his resignation as Managing Director of h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh, Franz Harrer will withdraw from many day-to-day matters and will primarily be responsible for this h/p/cosmos new building and expansion of the h/p/cosmos holding gmbh as a shareholder. He will take care of the infrastructure on the 26,000m² property and also the global orientation of the company.

We still have a lot to do here and big plans.
The h/p/cosmos area is to develop into the “Diagnostics and Locomotion Alliance Campus” with h/p/cosmos at the center, according to Franz Harrer’s plans for h/p/cosmos.

Big thanks go to all h/p/cosmos employees and management colleagues for their many years of loyalty, motivation and first-class work and of course also to all customers, sales partners, service stations, suppliers and business partners.
And last but not least, great thanks also go to Franz Harrer's family, who have enormously encouraged and supported this positive development and who will now be able to devote a little more time to them in the new situation than in the past.

Hands on and save the world … that’s Franz Harrer’s personal motto.
Ahead of time … the motto of h/p/cosmos.

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