h/p/cosmos scalable rehabilitation solutions

28 Apr 2020

For some weeks, corona virus and the Covid-19 pandemic have been on top of all news. With the number of people infected rising, also the number of those who recovered rises. Enabling a best and earliest “return to normal life” for those who had to lay in bed for a long time or even were in intensive care units, is the overall goal of all of us.

To support you and your teams in your daily work, we would like to give you a short overview on possible rehabilitation and preventive applications as well as available options and add on solutions for your existing h/p/cosmos equipment.

Ever since h/p/cosmos has been known for specific treadmills and customer driven solutions. Based on our products’ flexibility, existing systems will make a valuable contribution towards the now necessary therapies. Those who had been in bed for a long time and if the worst comes to the worst even got ventilated are facing respiratory issues as well as an overall weakened musculoskeletal system. In line with h/p/cosmos’ claim “Those who want to learn to walk … must walk!”, a quick but safe rehabilitation is the primary objective.

Of course the necessary therapy is very much depending on the level of infection and individual state of the patient. Regular gait training may be sufficient for patients with minor limitations. Equipped with long handrails, h/p/cosmos treadmills allow a safe access to the treadmill and a solid hold while walking. For additional stabilisation as well as a manual unweighting of the patient, the individually adjustable arm supports can be mounted to the handrails. Even eccentric trainings in a downhill situation can be done on treadmill with reverse belt rotation while providing maximum safety with the safety arch and chest belt system in case of tripling or by loss of coordination. The available range of options allow different therapeutic concepts for various patients with individual symptoms at a minimum set-up time.

The airwalk® ap unweighting system enables an early therapeutic beginning, the return to neuromuscular and cardiopulmonary fitness as well as it supports the natural up- and down movement of the patient and therefore a physiological gait with the 1-point-suspension that grants maximum flexibility, freedom and rotation. In addition to the well-known airwalk® vest we will launch the new airwalk® shorts for an unweighting experience without thoracic compression - a remarkable advantage for patients with lungs complaints.

Training benefits can be increased by combining it with POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT), improving the strength and stamina of the breathing muscles. Patients can perform this while doing their rehabilitation by simply breathing in through the device against an adjustable resistance which exercises the breathing muscles and makes them stronger - a beneficial effect for both therapy as well as prophylaxis.

No matter if you want to quickly adapt your existing system to the current challenges with the adjustable arm supports or the new airwalk® shorts, if you want to retrofit an option or an unweighting system, our team is set to support you at any point! Get in touch with us via   or call us at +49 86 69 86 42 0

h/p/cosmos scalable rehabilitation solutions