International distributor meeting with high-profile lectures

h/p/cosmos dealer meeting: treadmills for rehabilitation, biomechanics & gait analysis
26 Jun 2017

The international h/p/cosmos dealer meeting took place from 26.06 - 28.06 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Munich-Unterhaching. On the first day, about 40 distributors came from all over the world. On the second day, the event was also open to customers and interested parties and a total of 70 visitors took part in the workshops and lectures on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The first day of the three-day event was a special training only for dealers, where the distributors learned about the product world of h/p/cosmos and about the different options and accessories of the treadmills. The focus was on the modularity of the h/p/cosmos treadmills, training, diagnostics and rehabilitation systems: various additional options and accessories make it possible for the customer to adapt treadmills and gait trainers individually to his needs. The adjustable arm support and safety arch with fall prevention e.g. give the patient a better walking experience and a feeling of safety. It also facilitates the work of the therapist.
Among many exhibited and demonstrated product highlights have been the robowalk active gait correction system, airwalk ap adjustable gravity unweighting system, para walk parallel bars, the new torqualizer medical ergometer, the gaitway 3D biomechanics force treadmill, Zebris force distribution measurement and visual stimulation, DMS, comet sprint trainer, püulsar 3p high spüeed running machine with modification for match realisitic training and test profiles, the Microgate range of products incorporated into the treadmill and concept for SpeedLab,

The second day was under the motto "Sport Solutions". Dr. Björn Zimmermann showed in his lecture how scientists of sports universities use the treadmills for research. The precise treadmills are mainly used in training science and biomechanics.
Examples from practice showed how athletic athletes train at Olympic training centers allover the world with the h/p/cosmos treadmills. Many professional sports clubs regularly do performance tests on the high-performance running machines in order to check the training level and training progress of their athletes.
The lecture "Return to Sports" by Mike Antoniades illustrated DMS Dynamic Movement Skills in SpeedLab, Microgate Witty SEM and the rehabilitation after sports injuries. Dr. Massimo Penta explained the biomechanical gait and running analysis using gaitway 3D force measurement and Harry Brar and Stuart Jackson presented their POWERbreathe Altitude Systems mobile altitude training chamber. Philipp Russ from Simi Reality Motion Systems presented different possibilities of motion analysis by means of markerless motion tracking and the real-time running analysis on the treadmill featuring para motion AktiSys.

The highlight of the third day was the lecture of the renowned therapist and scientist Teresa Wong (Hawaii, USA and Singapore), who called for a profound paradigm shift in rehabilitation: Rehab should increasingly take into account the neuronal plasticity of the human brain and should new technologies for Rehab. It is important to have technical innovations such as e.g. Exo-skeletons,  robowalk, zebris Medical FDM or weight-relief systems in therapy, since these enable better results in a shorter time. The third day was rounded off by the lectures by the Australian osteopath, Jeff Morrison ("How robowalk saved my mum's life") and Mike Antoniades ("Movement Re-Patterning for Rehab") featuring DMS and The Movement & Running School.

All participants drew a positive conclusion and made their way home with joyful faces.

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