ISB 2021

ISB 2021
26 Jul 2021

Again this year, we were participating in the annual Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB), the ISB 2021! Our virtual booth as well as our team awaited the interested visitors with selected information on our most recent innovations, updates and highlights! Speaking about biomechanics, of course the gaitway® 3d was one of the buzzing topics as well as our zebris instrumented treadmills as well as the Microgate solutions for gait and running analysis.

Together with our partners from Qualisys and Noraxon, we were able to host one of the rare live sessions with the topic:

"Fully Integrated Movement Assessment with Qualisys, Noraxon and h/p/cosmos". The joint team of experts streamed live from the German Sports University in Cologne where a gaitway® 3d including inclination module and built-in zebris pressure distribution platform. The lab of the German Sports University in Cologne additionally got equipped with Qualisys equipment, creating the perfect setting for a world premiere: the seamless and fully digital integration of the gaitway® 3d’s force data into Qualisys QTM software.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Potthast gave a short introduction to his lab at the DSHS and offered an overview on the combined solutions and the current applications and studies! The teams of Noraxon (represented by Velamed) as well as Qualisys took the chance to have each a live demonstration of their seamless integration of the gaitway® 3d to their software solutions. With more than 100 attendees and a lot of qualified questions, the 30 minutes demonstration passed quickly!

We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Potthast and his team for opening their lab for the ISB audience and all teams involved for the amazing cooperation. The recording of the session is available until the end of August for all ISB members!