ISPRM 2013 Beijing / China

ISPRM Beijing
14 Jun 2013

June 14th - 19th, 2013

h/p/cosmos welcomes customers from all around the world on the exhibition stand at the 7th World Congress of the ISPRM, The International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. ISPRM serves as the global agency for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM). Together with our Chinese distributor hanix we are displaying the new robowalk locomotion therapy system and gait trainer. Experts from neurologic and orthopaedic and also from cardiopulmonary rehabilitation are very pleased with the great opportunities robowalk offers. Everybody likes the fact, that the leg cuffs are so easy to apply and the settings are reproducible. Since therapists are usually very familiar with expander training, they have no fear of working with robowalk. However, they all are still positively surprised by the positive feeling and impact and stimulation the robowalk can do for the patient. And all therapists, who already worked in manual locomotion therapy by bring the feet of the patients forward with the power of the therapist’s hand, they know how hard and power consuming and tiring this work is. Especially with spastic patients and with a number of other neurologic patients, the therapy units are very often limited by the performance of the therapist. Once the therapist gets tired, the session is over.

The new robowalk however, never gets tired.

So robowalk is taking over most of all the hard manual work of the therapist and in many cases patients already can walk without any support of the therapist after 1 or 2 minutes and then continue the session for 20 to 45 minutes. Thus, the patients can learn a lot and neuroplasticity is really working. Since this message has spread out worldwide also robowalk is becoming more and more an excellent choice.  robowalk is popular and well accepted with many, many therapists and patients and the entire system is really affordable for what it does. On the exhibition at ISPRM are many world famous systems on display and customer can compare features and benefits and results of various methodologies and equipment. So h/p/cosmos hired a couple of subjects to exercise on the robowalk all day long and many visitors tried robowalk personally to get convinced about how it works. Our President & CEO Franz Harrer is personally on the exhibition booth in Beijing and also has done demonstrations on the robowalk to show it to customers and the press.

We want to thank all visitors and customer for their trust in the new h/p/cosmos robowalk. It is indeed a success story helping and supporting many patients in their daily work in order to achieve results which simply would be impossible by performing with manual power of therapists only.

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