ISPRM 2016 in Kuala Lumpur

ISPRM 2016 in Kuala Lumpur
31 May 2016

Ahead of ISPRM conference in KL Malaysia h/p/cosmos invited regional distributors from Asia & Oceania for a meeting & dinner.
Second day of the h/p/cosmos regional distributor meeting ahead of 
ISPRM Congress conference in KL Malaysia. 
The neurologic and orthopedic rehabilitation specialist Teresa Wong from Hawaii, now active in Singapore and SE Asia region for our distributo r United BMEC Pte Ltd, is explaining her experiences with the robowalk AGC active gait correction system incorporated in the h/p/cosmos gait training treadmill systems, featuring airwalk unweighting (BWS body weight support) system and Zebris force distribution biomechanics measurement. 
Director of Sales and Authorized Signatory Alexander Böck and Area Sales Manager and physiotherapist Frederik Stappen joining Teresa "on stage" for promotion of h/p/cosmos specialized solutions in gait rehabilitation, orthopaedics, sports science, performance diagostics, fitness and athletic training as well as football SpeedLab applications. 
Thanks to Teresa, Alexander, Frederik and to all h/p/cosmos distributors for participation and great engagement.

Unique h/p/cosmos system for Sensory Motor Training at ISPRM Conference in Kuala Lumpur!
Please see, try and feel the carry-over of Sensory Motor Training with robowalk expander at h/p/cosmos booth no. 1008 the next days. (System is already sold!)
The h/p/cosmos robowalk is one of the few devices on the market that can make a real change on stroke patients through “SENSORY MOTOR TRAINING” (Neuroplasticity)
The robowalk offers gait - GUIDANCE, ASSISTANCE and CORRECTION!
In combination with Zebris platform and gait projection we have created an “environment” that offers an absolute high-end solution that is powerful and effective for one of the most challenging health risks of our times: STROKE!

Thanks to Robert Elgass from Zebris medical Germany for his presentation of the zebris system. Thanks to Marilyn, SeeWan and team from United Akrab Tech Sdn Bhd for your support and all other friends and partners for joining to our sales training and visiting our booth during ISPRM Congress.