New bike ergometer torqualizer ef med 600

Fahrradergometer torqualizer® 600ef med
25 Jan 2017

At MEDICA 2017 the treadmill specialists from h/p/cosmos presented their new cycle-ergometer - torqualizer® 600ef med – for the first time. The torqualizer® 600ef med is the ideal test and training ergometer for the professional user. As a medical device class IIa with coded Polar® heart rate monitor and RS323 interface - performance tests and cardiovascular stress tests are possible.

The stationary bicycle from h/p/cosmos is grid independent, has an easy step trough and a horizontally and vertically adjustable saddle. The torqualizer® 600ef med is perfect for medical applications. It offers the well known high h/p/cosmos standard in safety, longevity and functionality. 

h/p/cosmos widens the companies product range with the torqualizer® 600ef med and offers now Bicycle- and treadmill ergometers, rehabilitation systems, testing systems and motion analysis solutions from a single source.