New partnership with DAN Enterprises Team LLC

hpcosmos discovery
12 Jun 2019

h/p/cosmos is widely known amongst firefighters for the proven discovery endless-ladders as well as the robust and reliable treadmills. To further extend the market coverage in the USA and by doing so to enable firefighters in the USA to train on these first class systems, we are happy to announce that we have partnered with Dan Enterprises Team LLC.


Dan Enterprises Team LLC is a women owned business and has over 30 years of accumulative experience, providing solutions for all facets of firefighting, emergency services and products, including Hazmat, medical equipment, safety and rescue equipment.

DAN Enterprises Team LLC combines innovation with hands-on, technical knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver value for every project. The tough team around DAN Enterprises Team LLC delivers testing and training solutions for firefighters, namely the endless-ladder h/p/cosmos discovery, as well as h/p/cosmos proven robust treadmills.


Welcome to the h/p/cosmos family, welcome to our cosmos!


Learn more about our endless-ladder discovery!

A German language video is available here.