New premises for new h/p/cosmos factory & office building!

h/p/cosmos factory & office building
01 Apr 2016

h/p/cosmos paved the way to a bright future in March 2016 by appointing Alexander Böck as Authorized Signatory and Richard Schmidt as second Managing Director. These have been important and motivating decisions for the management and for the entire team.

Franz Harrer, co-founder in the year 1988 (the „h“ in h/p/cosmos) and CEO and President as well as shareholder of h/p/cosmos pointed out, that also concrete plans and decisions are ongoing for enhancement of infrastructure for h/p/cosmos.

So it is now officially announced, that h/p/cosmos recently bought two nearby located pieces of land of a total size of 26,000 m² in the district capital of Traunstein (Bavaria, South of Germany). The location is at the roundabout in the industrial area of Traunstein Haslach at “Hochstrasse”. It is only a 2 to 3 minutes drive to the nearby located highway A8 (Munich - Salzburg) and also just 2 to 3 minutes drive to the city centre of Traunstein. To Munich city is a one hour drive; to Salzburg city just 25 minutes. Both cities have attractive airports and spots and there are also frequent and convenient train connections to both cities.

In direct neigbourhood of our new premises speciality markets, super markets, cinema and restaurants are located, which makes it an attractive spot also for all h/p/cosmos staff, customers and suppliers. The view to the South from our new premises will be dominated by a spectacular glimpse to the nearby chain of Alps.
At this stage planning for the development of the pieces of land are ongoing. 

After completion of the development later in 2016 we will start with the planning of the new factory building including new office building and new showroom. Start of construction of the new factory will be not before the year 2017 or 2018 since it is wise to take enough time for a future oriented manufacturing site and procedure in the new premises.

The large available space now not only secures the location also for the next generations, but also allows a broader product portfolio, more manufacturing options such as a powder coating facility, and performing more education, seminars, training and application workshops with users and application specialists. 
After completion of the new buildings the relocation from Nussdorf to nearby Traunstein (just 6 km distance) will take place. The recently opened sales office in Munich with 4 people will not be affected by the relocation, because it was a strategic and geographic good decision to open that small office as well.