A strong leadership team in the management and 2 persons celebrating an anniversary with h/p/cosmos!

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11 Mar 2016

Richard Schmidt becomes a manager:
The h/p/cosmos team celebrated 20 years of service of Richard Schmidt on Friday,
March 11th.
Richard Schmidt began his activity with h/p/cosmos in 1996 as an assembly engineer and in the customer service. Later he became technical support manager.
Since 2007 Richard Schmidt has been active as an authorized representative in the Executive Board. On the anniversary celebrations for 20 years of seniority Richard Schmidt has now been appointed Managing Director of h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh.

Alexander Böck became authorized signatory:
h/p/cosmos celebrated on March 11th at the same time 11 years of service of Alexander Boeck.
Sales Director Alexander Boeck began working for h/p/cosmos in 2005 in the sales team and was appointed head of sales nationally and internationally in the year 2010.
To his 11-year anniversary Alexander Boeck has now been promoted to authorized signatory of h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh and is now a member of the Executive Committee.

Alexander Böck and Richard Schmidt have achieved excellent results in their long career for h/p/cosmos. Both are respected, valued and appreciated by customers, business partners, suppliers, dealers and the h/p/cosmos team.

The Managing Director and company co-founder Franz Harrer thanked Richard Schmidt and Alexander Böck in a touching speech for their work and loyalty at the anniversary celebrations. In his speech, Franz Harrer has emphasized that loyalty, motivation and effort for the people, the company and for customers are worthwile.

The long-time workforce, the stability, clear and stable leadership, precisely defined values as well as loyal customers and business partners are the pillars of the success of h/p/cosmos.