Successful training graduations at h/p/cosmos

Successful training graduations at h/p/cosmos
03 Mar 2023

Choosing the right apprenticing company is one of the most far-reaching decisions in the lives of young people. At h/p/cosmos, we pay a lot of respect and attention to the trust that apprentices place in the training company and the trainers!

Again this year our apprentices successfully completed their apprenticeships: Simon Eder, Lukas Hillebrand and Andreas Zenz finished the 3.5 year apprenticeship as mechatronics engineer and Lucille Scheglmann completed the 2.5 year apprenticeship as industrial clerk. All trainees were taken on directly at their desired jobs and support the teams as mechatronics technicians and in technical customer service.

The training of the three mechatronics technicians set a new milestone at h/p/cosmos, as this training was offered for the first time 3.5 years ago. Also, again in 2023 an apprentice of h/p/cosmos was awarded with the Bavarian State Prize: with a grade point average of 1.0 at the vocational school Lucille Scheglmann received the Bavarian State Prize and she also passed the IHK final examination with an overall grade of 1!

In the course of a small ceremony with the apprentices, the trainers and the personnel & general management, the apprenticeship certificates have already been handed over by h/p/cosmos. We would like to thank our former apprentices for their commitment and trust and look forward to the future together!