WEBINAR – The Beauty and the Beast. Smart metabolic testing with ski-rollers on a giant treadmill.

ECSS 2021
07 Sep 2021

As part of the ECSS (European College of Sport Science) 2021, we held a webinar with Cortex Biophysik GmbH.
The webinar was recorded at the Olympic Training Facility in Ruhpolding (GER), that houses one of our biggest treadmills: the saturn 450/300rs.
This massive treadmill is built specifically for the demands of cross country skiers, Nordic skiers and biathletes.

While Dr. Björn Zimmermann from h/p/cosmos provides a general overview on h/p/cosmos devices ranging from standard to oversize treadmills (optional also for environmental and climate chambers) and biomechanic solutions (e.g. the gaitway 3d), Titus Remppel introduces Cortex spiroergometry solutions.
The highlight of the session: a performance test with the German top athlete Lucas Bögl, skating on “the beast” saturn 450/300rs while wearing “the beauty” Cortex Metamax 3B.

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WEBINAR – The Beauty and the Beast