technical data

  • sensor area: 111.8 x 49.5 cm
  • sample rate: 120 Hz
  • sensor area: 3432 sensors

shipment contains

  • Interface for combination with video module,
  • infrared transmitting module for combination with EMG / Goniometer
  • incl. software Win FDM for gait analysis.

storage conditions

  • temperature: min. -20° max.70°
  • air humidity: min. 5% max.90%
  • air pressure: min. 700 hPa max. 1.060 hPa

operation conditions

  • temperature: min. 10° max. 40°
  • air humidity: min. 30% max. 70%
  • air pressure: min. 700 hPa max. 1.060 hPa


This article contains only the OPTION for the measurement deck but not the basic treadmill.

The basic treadmill with running deck 150/50 has to be ordered separately.

The price for this option is only if purchased initially with the treadmill.

In case of later retrofitting additional costs arise for travel expenses, shipping costs and labor costs.

Warranty: 1 year