Technical details

weight (set): 7,2 kg

dimensions (pcs): 490 x 120 x 220 mm 

optional accessories: additional keyboard and STOP-button


compatible handrails and treadmills:

cos102010 h/p/cosmos adjustable handrail 150/50

cos102550 h/p/cosmos adjustable handrail 170/65

cos102551 h/p/cosmos adjustable handrail 190/65

cos30001 h/p/cosmos locomotion 150/50

cos30024 h/p/cosmos locomotion 190/65 

This article is an option as outfit and alternative to the standard equipment. The price is therefore calculated in exchange for the standard items. For spare parts or for later retrofitting applies a different item number and it is a different price.

Attention! Do NOT change the arm support orientation (forward / backward) while in use. In order to change the orientation, loosen the star screw and fold the clamping mechanism completely to the outside. Lift the handgrip of the arm support so that the guiding block disengages the handrail tube and turn the arm support for 180 degrees. Let the guiding block sit on the handrail tube and close the clamping mechanism again. Tighten the star screw so that the arm support is firmly attached to the handrail. Children are not permitted on the treadmill without permanent supervision. The use of a a fall arrest system (i.e. safety arch) is mandatory