Oil free compressor to produce compressed air for h/p/cosmos airwalk® bodyweight support devices.
model name: compressor for h/p/cosmos airwalk®
manufacture: Planet Air GmbH
application: to produce oil free compressed air for h/p/cosmos airwalk® devices
control: power: via main switch (on / off)
compressed air: via rotatable hand unit with display
air-output: max. 8 bar (116 psi)
displacement: 91 l/min (0 psi)
free air delivery: 40 l/min (116 psi)
tank volume: 3,5 l 
display: pressure displays (analog)
1x air-tank (0…12 bar) (0…170 psi)
1x air-output (0…12 bar) (0…170 psi)
ambient condition: temperature: 0…+80°C
duty cycle: S1 100%
motor power: 0,45 kW
compatibility: h/p/cosmos airwalk® 50, airwalk® 90 und airwalk® ap
h/p/cosmos airwalk® is not within scope of delivery!
safety system: CE, directive 2014/30/EU, directive 2006/42/EC, directive 2014/35/EU, directive 2011/65/EU, directive 2014/29/EU
packaging: L: 340 mm x W: 350 mm x H: 340 mm
(L: 1’ 2’’ x W: 1’ 2’’ x H: 1’ 2’’)
device weight: 15 kg (33 lbs)
noise level: 58 dB
voltage supply: 230 Volt AC 1~/N/PE 50 (60) Hz 10A fuse; EU plug special voltage supply on request
maintenance: once a month
- drain the water collected in the air outlet filter
- check the compressor efficiency (possible connectors slackening, pressure hose wear, screws tightening)
every 3 months
- check the air intake filter, replace it if necessary
- clean the compressor with a soft cloth
every 6 months
- disassemble the coalescing cartridge contained in the air outlet filter
once a year
- check the filter reducer
- check the safety valve
warranty: The compressor is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase. It regards only the free replacement of parts recognised as defective by the manufacturer apart from the electric parts and worn parts. The guarantee automatically ceases in case of tampering and bad usage. The warranty does not include transport and labour costs.
Caution! Max. air pressure of this compressor is 8 bar, which is sufficient for unweighting of max. 70  kg for the airwalk ap. For achieving up to 90 kg unweighting for the airwalk ap model, a different compressor with up to max. 10 bar is required (cos103016). Note information of maintenance in the manual of the compressor