For speed & sprint training safety arch is an obligatory requirement.

The recommended running machine solution for speedtraining is the h/p/cosmos pulsar 3p or bigger.

Consider the normal physical performance limitations of single phase voltage power supply 230 Volt / 15 Ampere. During special high performance applications ("jump-on", lateral running, "360s", etc.) and with heavy subjects there may be performance limitations with the single phase voltage power supply.

For high performance applications a 3-phase voltage power supply and a h/p/cosmos running machine with a higher performance drive system is highly recommended. for example h/p/cosmos pulsar 3p, venus, saturn.

This is an optional article for installation in the factory during initial assembling. It has to be ordered alternatively to the standard configuration.

If this article is ordered later on for retrofitting a different article number and higher price and additional shipping and installation costs apply.