pruduct description

The width adjustment is made by turning of two swivel arms (165 mm radius) with a covering of +/- 80 degrees from the middle position. The swivel arms are fixed to the locking bar with serrated discs.

The height adjustment is done by pulling the locking bar up or down in the guiding tube while the locking mechanism is pulled. The locking bolts consist of the bolt, spring, safety thread and the pulling knob.

The front guiding tubes are fixed to the front columns, the aft guiding tubes are welded to flange plates sitting on top of the footboards.

safety instructions


Adjustment of the handrails while in use by the subject is not permitted. Before height adjustment loosen the top levers by two turns.

For adjusting the height, turn the locking knob to unlock the safety thread. Then hold the swivel arm with one hand and pull out the locking knob. Now pull the swivel arm up or down until the desired position is reached. Finally, release the locking knob und tighten the safety thread by turning the locking knob clockwise. Now tighten the top lever again.

Children are not permitted on the treadmill without permanent supervision and a fall arrest system.