Hardware (incl.):    1x h/p/cosmos PC-rack with 4 wheels and h/p/cosmos design

  •     1x desktop PC (minitower)
  •     2x 24" LED Monitor
  •     1x keyboard (country-specific) + PC-mouse
  •     1x optical 16x DVD+/-RW drive
  •     1x colour-laser printer
  •     1x medical transformer for potential-isolation
  •     1x multiple-power outlet (6x output)
  •     2x PE potential equalization cable
        (1x 5 m (16 ft 4,85"), 1x 1m (3ft 3,3"))
  •     1x 2TB USB harddrive for BackUp
  •     1x LAN network isolator

PC software (incl.):    installed, actual Windows operating system
voltage supply:    230 volt AC 1~/N/PE 50/60 Hz 15-16A fuse;
weight:    approx. 80 kg (176 Ibs)

Please note:

The detailed specification of the hardware is based on the current state of technology at point of order. Detailed specification available on request.
RS 232 connection cables are not included and must be ordered separately when required.