What is robomove?

The robomove expander is an extraction of the successful robowalk technology, which has been developed especially for h/p/cosmos treadmills. robomove is an elastic cable exercise device for wall mount and therewith independent from treadmills. robomove is used for scores of training and therapy methodologies similar to the utilization of conventional cable exercise devices.

The patient’s arms/legs are attached to the elastic cables with the nooses.
The elastic cables generate movement support or resistance.

By adjusting the angle of support/resistance movement correction is possible. 
Adjustment is very fast and simple.
Scales give reproducibility of the adjustments.
The patented tension adjustment module consists of continuously variable
rubber cable pulls with scales for load display.

Benefits of robomove?

  • robomove® is based on the robowalk® expander technology by h/p/cosmos
  • applicable for fi tness as well as for orthopaedic and neurological problems
  • space-saving resistance trainer, light weight, without weight stack plates
  • vertically or horizontally mountable and adjustable
  • the resistance is much more constant and has less progressive force curves over the entire range of motion compared to most other expander systems
  • very quiet & low maintenance, because there are no weight plates
  • no force changes at the top and bottom dead center (reversal point) because no kinetic energy compared to cable exercise devices with weight stack plates
  • up to 4 cables with up to maximum 50 Newton (ca. 5 kg) each



  • exercise therapy
  • applicable for fi tness as well as for orthopaedic and neurological problems
  • co-ordination and functional training
  • strength and endurance training, even for very fast movements​