Programming, controlling, visualizing … ahead of time®

The h/p/cosmos® UserTerminal with MCU6 (Micro Controller Unit of the 6. Generation) and Graphical UserInterface (GUI) does not only captivate with its clear, modern and ergonomic design, but also with the various functions, the immense performance and the integrated safety with the system.

The clearly arranged keyboard film, with large keys, pleasant feel, as well as tactile and acoustic (beep) response, water, for instance, from high perspiration on the TouchScreen or even with the operation with medical gloves (blood sampling for lactate testing during performance diagnostics) are no longer a problem, since all important control functions can also be carried out by pressing the hardware buttons (membrane keyboard).

This appealing Graphical UserTerminal (also named Cockpit, Control Panel or Control Terminal) with para control 6 software can be found for control applications and visual display on various h/p/cosmos ®models on treadmill ergometers, discovery® ladder ergometer, torqualizer® cycle ergometers and comet® sprint-trainer. Please find the availability for the individual models in the specifications and user manuals of the individual products.

In addition to the medical certification in combination with the h/p/cosmos®medical devices, many of the highlights of this UserTerminal are innovations such as the optional wireless interface communication, scatterplot display (Poincaré plot) for heart rate variability (HRV), GPS-route import or a VESA fixture (Video Electronics Standards Association) with multiple expansion possibilities for multimedia, tablets, smartphones and other accessories.


Welcome to the Cosmos of compatibility and system integration!

Reliable online communication and functions for data storage, PDF graphics and tables, raw data, data import and data export open up the possibility of documenting and processing important parameters and raw data for users in the fields of sports, science and medicine.
coscom® v4 is one of the integrated and highly secure interface protocols of this UserTerminal, which is now in the 4th generation of the coscom® protocol, developed by h/p/cosmos® in 1992.
coscom® is state of the art, published online free of charge (, fast, developed and serviced in accordance with international norms EN 62304 (IEC 62304) (software life cycle processes) and ISO 14971 (Application of risk management to medical devices) and above all, common in virtually all systems for ECG, spiroergometry VO2max., CPET, performance diagnostics, motion analysis and biomechanical software system worldwide.

Characteristics and functions include:

  • high quality 10.1” TFT LCD color display with capacitive TouchScreen
  • integrated computer without fan (silent!)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 operating system
  • hardware keyboard for the most important functions such as menu, start, stop
  • pause, cool-down, +/- and up/down for treadmills / ergometers
  • (optional) NFC (Near Field Communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for example for contactless identification by means of login sign in via wristband or with wireless communication with smartphones power supply
  • optional wireless interface communication via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • scatterplot display (Poincaré plot) for heart rate variability HRV
  • GPS route import and route export, profile export / import and protocol export in CSV format (e.g. para analysis® or Microsoft® Excel) or PDF
  • Data storage in chart form and graphics possible on USB storage media
  • Virtually unlimited storage capacity for pre-defined and editable program profiles
  • common program profiles and tests such as interval training, graded test, Conconi test, Bruce, Balke, Ellestad, Gardner, Naughton, UKK 2km walking test, Fitkids test, etc.
  • optional VESA fixture with USB power supply (max. 500mA) for multimedia, webcam, tablets, smartphones with wireless inductive charging and supply of additional systems such as EMG, ECG, CPET VO2max., blood pressure measuring systems with medical devices (availability upon request)
  • integrated POLAR receiver 5 kHz or optional Bluetooth for heart rate
  • automatic stress (load) regulation for speed & elevation according to programmed heart rate („cardio mode“)

Parameters, Display and Resolution
Operating mode, unit, profile no., profile step, speed (0.1 km/h or m/s or m/min or mph and graph), time (00:00) in hours, minutes and seconds, elevation (0.1% or degree and graph), distance (1 m… 999.9 km or miles), METS (1 MET), program step/no., energy (1.0 kj/kcal), fitness index (1), power (1 Watt and graph), altitude (meters), heart rate/pulse (1 bpm beats/min and graph), heart rate variability (ms and scatterplot), summary with average and maximum values, date, time

  • target parameter input, digital values for time, speed, distance, heart rate, energy consumption und power
  • countdown function programs: time, distance, energy consumption, altitude (covered altitude meters)
  • toggle function between 3 multifunction displays
  • manually run profiles can be turned into a time profile or a distance profile
  • interfaces: 1 x RS232 (Sub-D 9-pin) 4 x USB 2.0, HDMI, LAN for sports devices
  • optional NFC and RFID
  • optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth via optional USB adapter
  • optional networking with simultaneous display and control options for up to 4 UserTerminals
  • connection socket for safety arch – fall prevention system with switch off function
  • integrated online diagnostics with error messages in plain text and code, error storage and log files
  • possible online connection for updates, remote maintenance and support
  • optional integrated loud speaker
  • on – off switch / system in standby with control lamp
  • emergency stop button (mushroom button) with power disruption of the drive components
  • safety lanyard with magnetic switch for stop functions for treadmills / ergometers
  • UserTerminal optionally rotatable by 180° (additional emergency stop button or safety lanyard must be installed and used, should the runner or patient not be able to reach the standard on – off switch due to the rotatable UserTerminal)

Technical data User Terminal

height: 313 mm, width: 356 mm, depth: 84 mm

power supply: 10 VDC … 24 VDC (via h/p/cosmos device/power supply if integrated into the treadmill / ergometer)
power consumption: min. 15 Watt … max. 22 Watt
standby: 16 Watt

operating temperatures: min. 0° C … max. +50° C
storing temperature: min. -20° C … max. +55° C

humidity: min. 10 … max. 95 %

mounting: on h/p/cosmos devices (treadmills up to 190/65cm primarily on the handrail, larger than 200/75cm on the external UserTerminal, ladder ergometer on the case etc.)

optional: stand and external power supply for UserTerminal, table mounting and networking of up to 4 UserTerminals

equipping: not available for all h/p/cosmos devices, details upon request or according to quotation.