Microgate - Witty

Witty SEM Frame

0,00 €

Witty SEM frame for attaching light signals with clamps. For agility, speed and reaction training of the upper extremities. For agility,speed and reaktivity training for the upper extremities.

Witty timepiece

0,00 €

Chronometer for Witty time measurement and Witty SEM light signals.

  • Graphic TFT colour display
  • Digital radio transmission FSK
  • Lithium polymer battery internal, external 5VDC power supply
  • Membrane keyboard with 23 keys
  • Connector MICRO USB type B for battery charging and connection to PC
  • Connector Jackk 3,5mm for connection with external input

WittyPRO SEM - 8x Lightsignal Kit (Timer optional at extra cost)

6.241,55 €
8 "intelligent traffic light" with a 7x5 multi-colour LED matrix incl. proximity sensor. Display of colours, letters, numbers and symbols.
  • 8 WittyPRO Sem traffic light
  • 8 Tripod :  h.425-1250mm - max load 8 kg
  • 8 UltraClamp
  • 2 Battery Charger for Witty and accessories
  • 8 USB Cable for Witty, Gyko and accessories
  • 2 Witty Backpacks

Witty RFID Kit

0,00 €

Automatic athlete recognation with identification wristband.

1 x   Witty RFID Station
1 x   Battery Charger for Witty and accessories
1 x   USB Cable for Witty, Gyko and accessories
1 x   Tripod :  h.425-1250mm - max load 8 kg
1 x   WittyTab LED bag
30 x Bangle for RFID System Watch

Witty electronic starting pistol with microphone and loudspeaker

767,55 €
Electronic gun with 3 types of sounds (bang, whistle, siren) and a flashing light. This system is equipped with a portable loudspeaker and a microphone (must be connected to the system by cable)
  • 1 x Electronic starter system for training
  • 1 x amplifier for electronic starter - inc. mic.
  • 1 x Bag for electronic starter
  • 1 x Jack cable mono - 1,2m 
  • 1 x Jack cable mono - 3m
  • 3 x Alkaline battery 1.5V AA 3