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 Patrick Lange on the gaitway 3d
21 Oct 2022

On behalf of the international footwear industry, biomechanics specialists and research laboratories are chasing “THE” ultimate running shoe.

Over the past decades, the results have already led to significant improvements regarding materials, geometrics and properties. Accurate measurement of ground reaction forces (GRF) is key when it comes to such in depth investigations. Relying on the gaitway® 3d biomechanics treadmill, customers are able to measure GRFs as well as (optionally) the pressure distribution on a single belt with (optionally) up to 45 km/h.

Of course, the commercial shoe industry is relatively reserved regarding the publication of results, whereas international researchers are publishing their results more often.

An recent study from Keshvari et. al from the Technical University of Munich deals with the impact of varying masses of shoes on the ground reaction forces. The study utilized a portable version of a gaitway® 3d treadmill in a temporary lab.

Keshvari, B., Alevras, S., Mitternacht, J., & Senner, V. (2022). Evaluating the Effect of Shoes with Varying Mass on Vertical Ground Reaction Force Parameters in Short-Term Running. International Journal of Exercise Science, 15(1), 191-205.

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Patrick Lange on the gaitway 3d