Successful installation at the Diakonissen Landau

Diakonissen Landau
22 Jan 2021

Installations and trainings can be challenging in the current situation – but that does not stop our team!

Some weeks ago, we installed an airwalk ap unweighting system as well as a locomotion treadmill including robowalk front and back at the Diakonissen Bethesda in Landau (Germany). Our local team accompanied and consulted the full process of the newly built and soon to be opened therapy centre that connects to a residential tract.

It was our pleasure to place the very first of a row of devices in the modern location!

The unique combination of dynamic and customizable unweighting with the airwalk ap (including the new unweighting vest), the locomotion treadmill with wheelchair ramp as well as the active gait correction with the robowalk expander systems will actively support the therapists in their daily work with neurologic and orthopaedic patients.

We wish all the best for the opening and a lot of success stories with the patients!


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