Testing to improve! Ironman World Champion meets gaitway 3d

Patrick Lange on the gaitway 3d
29 Oct 2020

Ironman World Champion and top triathlete Patrick Lange dropped in to our headquarter to do some testing of his equipment on our instrumented treadmill!


With every second and percent being decisive for the outcome of a race, a biomechanical analysis of the different shoes used for training and races can provide additional information and be the tip on the scale! Patrick started the shoe testing with the adidas Solarglide, switched to the Boston before and finished with the adizero Adios Pro. The difference could be seen right away and we are very much looking forward to a deeper analysis!


The running analysis has been done on our instrumented treadmill gaitway® 3d. The treadmill combines uniquely accurate 3d force measurement with pressure distribution with the benefits of the single-belt technology. The results are automatically recorded and processed and can be further combined with IMUs, EMG and 3D motion capturing!

You can only improve what you measure!


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Patrick Lange on the gaitway 3d