Wheelchair Performance Testing at the East London University

Wheelchair Basketball Performance Diagnostics
13 Jan 2022

When it comes to performance testing, h/p/cosmos treadmills are the tool of choice for most leading sports clubs, training facilities and universities around the globe. 

We are delighted to see the oversize and high-performance treadmill saturn® 300/100 r at the University of East London School of Health, Sport and Bioscience (University of East London) in use for performance testing of the professional women wheelchair basketball team “East London Phoenix”.
In the safety of a safety arch including stop-system as well as the wheelchair stabilizer, athletes can train to the max and reach or even overcome personal records! With the powerful, oversize and medical grade treadmills of the saturn family, almost no limits are set in regard to application and performance.
Thank you for this insight and we wish the best of success to the basketball team and the best of insight to the MA students that were able to attend this testing.

Thank you Andy Galbraith (University of East London) for these images!
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