Technical Details

length: 124 cm

total width: 82 cm

driveway width: 70 cm

weight: 22,0 kg

max.load: 200 kg

mounting: the ramp will be fixed with clamps at the deviation roller of the treadmill and is secured with special locking plates 

This ramp can stay connected with the treadmill during operation.


Wheelchair ramps are used also for access onto the running deck, and then perform gait training / walking with patients/subjects, but without utilizing the wheelchair during the exercise. For this application in many (not in all) cases a running deck width of 50 cm is sufficient. Operating a wheelchair on the running deck during exercise is only permitted on special running belt and decks with the suffix "r", for example on the model h/p/cosmos saturn 300/100r.

Recommended running deck size for wheelchair exercise is L: 300cm x W: 100cm. Most (not all) wheelchair types are covered with this running deck size. Operating a wheelchair on a normal running deck without the suffix "r" in the model name of the treadmill is prohibited and may destroy the belt and deck. Additionally for wheelchair operation extra wheelchair stabilizer and safety arch with chest belt and fall stop prevention are obligatory, which have to be ordered separately at extra charge.