Sport & Rehab Workshop with Dealer meeting

Dealer meeting
26 Jun 2017

Dear h/p/cosmos partners & worldwide distributors,

We are pleased to announce our annual dealer meeting in combination with a Sports & Rehab Solutions Workshop in June 26-28 in Munich, Germany.

This 3 days’ workshop will give you an extensive update about h/p/cosmos, new treadmill models, new ergometers, new applications, new technology and new markets. In hands-on workshops you will learn with leading experts how our solutions are used in elite sports to analyze & improve the performance of athletes and how patients will be able to learn walking after e.g. orthopedic or neurologic impairments.

The training and workshop targets new h/p/cosmos distributors and existing long-term partners alike.

Additionally we will offer the opportunity to have the sports and rehabilitation workshops open for interested clients – so please also invite your high-potential customers to join the hands-on workshops in sports and/or rehabilitation with our experts. How can they better understand and get a deep impression about our solutions than on a practical workshop?

You should not miss this great opportunity to refresh your know-how about h/p/cosmos and to see, feel and experience the various applications with our solutions live!

SAVE THE DATE and block these days in your calendar for you and your sales staff!

The detailed program with list of experts and reservation form will be published soon.

As usual, we will involve world class experts and presenters for the seminars.

Presentations and workshops will also include new and sophisticated systems such as:

  • biomechanics treadmill gaitway Arsalis 3D

  • torqualizer ergometer, independent from power supply, for sports & medical

  • adjustable gravity airwalk ap unweighting treadmill system

Venue will be a congress hotel in Munich opposite of h/p/cosmos Munich sales office. Social program will be according to Bavarian hospitality.


Day 1: Dealer Training (Monday, June 26)


  • h/p/cosmos company

  • Markets & clients

  • Product overview

  • New products

  • Prices & Marketing

  • Sales & Success Stories

Day 2: Sport Solutions Workshop & Dealer Meeting (Tuesday, June 27) 


  • Performance diagnostics

  • Sports Science

  • Altitude Training

  • Sports Rehab – Return to play

  • DMS Dynamic Movement Skills

  • The Running School

Dealer meeting

  • Summary Sport

  • Sales approach

  • Price, product & solution packages

  • Marketing & next Steps

Day 3: Gait Rehab Solutions Workshop & Dealer meeting (open to dealers & clients)


  • Movement Re-Patterning for Rehab

  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

  • Neurologic Rehabilitation

  • Active Gait Correction (ACG)

  • Gait analysis

  • Movement School

  • Geriatric & pediatric Rehab

Dealer meeting

  • Summary Rehab

  • Sales approach

  • Price, product & solution packages

  • Marketing & next Steps