System requirements for h/p/cosmos para control 6:

  • Personal Computer or laptop / notebook with Pentium IV Processor or higher
  • installed operating system Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • min. 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM recommended)
  • min. 4 GB free memory on HD
  • VGA-Monitor min. 1280 x 1024, DVD drive, USB port
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0 and latest Windows® Installer
  • Microsoft® DirectX latest version
  • free RS 232 interface port (or USB with RS232 converter)
  • for connection of any peripheral equipment.
  • RS232 COM port is strongly recommended on the PC/Laptop
  • (USB port and converter not preferred)
  • for control via USB interface an optional converter (not all converters work!) is
  • available at h/p/cosmos
  • running-machine with RS 232 interface and selected coscom v3 protocol

Read manual in full and all warnings and danger precautions of the PC software and of the controlled device (for example running machine) before use!
Consult a doctor before using this device. WARNING: Heart rate monitoring systems can be inaccurate.
Incorrect and/or forbidden use and/or overtraining can lead to serious injury or even death.
If you feel close to fainting, the training has to be stopped immediately. If you feel sick or dizzy, stop training immediately and consult a doctor.
Always warm up fully at walking speed before starting to run. End training by pressing the stop button - only use the emergency stop in an emergency.
Installation, commissioning, instruction and maintenance only to be conducted by h/p/cosmos trained and authorised personnel.
For running surfaces with L: 200 x W: 75cm or bigger, special applications, at higher speeds, for subjects with higher risk of falling, where a fall would lead to unacceptable risks (e.g. invasive probes during exercise or recent hip replacement), or if there is not enough safety space behind the treadmill, a fall prevention system (e.g. safety arch with harness & chest belt) is obligatory. 

Keep min. safety space of L: 2 m (78.74") x W: 1 m (39.37") or the width of the treadmill (if the treadmill is wider) behind treadmills!
No children on or near to treadmills.