SpeedLab® methodology and concept

SpeedLab® is a new innovative high-tech concept that is focused on competition for motivated athletes and coaches, a modern athletic training system specialised in variable speed training and healthy workout.

In contrast to many other measurement-technologies most SpeedLab® modules are compatible with each other. The technology is based on sportscientific methodology. SpeedLab® is not just a highly modern measurement system. Equipped with high level training apparatus and the SpeedLab® training methods, the SpeedLab® technology can be the central element of a high end sports complex for modern athletes and coaches.

Through RFID-wristbands, tablet-PC’s and a database, SpeedLab delivers short and long term analysis possibilities, the development potential from youths to professionals is demonstrativly applicable at all levels. When fractions of seconds decide, the outcome of competitions, speed cannot be left to chance!

SpeedLab® integrates testing- and analysis methodologies, training programs, know-how, software and capital equipment from experts in this field. SpeedLab® helps to identify the talents in your region and supports motivation to trainers and athletes for reaching world class level.

basics and modules

  • SpeedLab® software with test editor, data capturing and database
  • for ergonomic and fast training methodology of big groups
  • h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p high performance running machines, h/p/cosmos quasar® treadmills
  • h/p/cosmos comet® 3p sprint trainer, h/p/cosmos saturn® running machine for spike shoes
  • h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p including zebris biomechanics module and motion analysis
  • h/p/cosmos discovery® ladder ergometers, indoor cycles for endurance training
  • h/p/cosmos parawalk® adjustable parallel bars with gas spring support 
  • h/p/cosmos airwalk® body weight support and h/p/cosmos robowalk® expander
  • h/p/cosmos para control®, para graphics®, para motion® and para analysis® software modules
  • functional training equipment and training equipment for power and explosiveness
  • facility planning and consulting, education, training, workshops and support

h/p/cosmos pulsar 3p

The h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p high performance treadmill with 3-phase power supply was designed for professional running and training applications like overspeed, coordination and functional training and also for high performance testing. A special wide and long running surface in combination with a comfortable and extremely durable running belt provides the environment for running and high speed applications. Furthermore the h/p/cosmos safety arch gives the athletes the necessary safety to reach their limits without fear of injury through falling. Special design features involve extra wide footboard with marking and special siderails with additional handlegrip for jump-on and jump-off at very high speed, making up for a perfect speed training treadmill. Running surface 190 x 65 cm, speed 0 ... 40 km/h, elevation -25 ... +25 %, drive motor 4.3 kW with high-performance 3-phase power supply, interface ports & para control® software.

h/p/cosmos comet 3p

One of the great benefi ts of the h/p/cosmos comet® sprint trainer is, that the traction resistance can be adjusted electronically and is independent from the speed of the subject and even from the running direction of the subject. The subject dictates the speed and the running direction, not the device! Changes to the traction support (rope pulls the subject toward the machine) and changes of the traction resistance (subject running away from the machine and subject pulls the rope) can be made at any time. The comet® combines well established training methodologies with sophisticated electronic equipment which is easily adjustable and offers reproducible results.

Introduction to the comet sprint trainer

SpeedLab benefits

  • measuring and improving of:
    • reaction speed, fi rst step explosiveness and jumping skills
    • turns, change of directions
    • cognitive skills
    • nerve fatigue
  • modern talent diagnostics and technique learning at an early stage
  • training like competition with extremely high motivation
  • appropriate intensity – low extent of training
  • injury prevention based on precise movement and training control
  • early re-integration after injuries (before - after comparison)
  • easy usage, clear data and evaluations, reproducible results
  • actual speed check, long term studies, group comparison
  • motivation through immediate feedback, highscore and „layful“ athletic training
  • investment in own infrastructure, players and systematic future development
  • sophisticated methodology and high reliability of technology and service

These application included:

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