How much is 1%? How important is 1%?

Fractions of seconds decide between winning and loosing. The scores of the Olympic Games 2012 show this fact clearly. Accurate time measurement, strong drive systems and high accuracies for treadmills and other measuring instruments are prerequisites and an integral part of a successful training control - no matter if you are a competitive or a recreational athlete. For sport-specific training methods and athletic preparation tests (e.g. shuttle run, T-test, sprints etc.) time measurement is very important. The easy use and the precise results make it very simple to integrate systematic time measurement into the training routine and training planning.

Advantages of Witty

  • new, intuitive, easy to use graphical interface
  • simple and quick learning process
  • color display
  • perform all the tests typical of modern athletic preparation (such as sprint, shuttle, resistance, courses) or customized ones
  • single or double photocells available
  • unlimited extra photocells for unlimited intermediate times
  • acquire results with an accuracy higher than one thousandth of a second
  • easy and fast repositioning of the photocells when passing from one exercise to another, thanks to a reliable wireless transmission (range 150 m)
  • calculate speed (km/h, m/s, mph)
  • battery powered (10 hour autonomy)
  • very quick Witty to PC data transfer (for rankings, data assessment and export), thanks to the USB interface
  • self-confi guring photocells
  • several transmission frequencies available
  • water resistant
  • great portability is insured by the included backpack
  • the system is largely expandable with the possibility to add (single or double) photocells for lap times, accessories such as starting pads, time displaying LED boards, direction indicators, etc.

The right tool for every trainer

The compact size and anatomical form make the Witty timer practical and easy to use in the field. The Witty´s wireless transmission allows coaches to move around the training pitch and can provide immediate feedback to athletes.

Multi Sport

Witty has been developed to satisfy timing requirements for all forms of training and testing. The timer comes with a variety of preconfi gured tests, used in athletic preparation (including sprint, shuttle, endurance, course), it also allows the trainer to define and set sport specific cutomized tests.

„You can only improve, what you can measure!“

The compact size, ergonomic shape, and innovative design make the Witty timer practical and easy to use. Graphical icons and on screen instructions on its color display ensure user-friendliness and ease of use. With8 different radio frequencies to choose from, it is possible to work simultaneously with several Witty timing systems (timer and photocells) in the same training area. Various preconfi gured test types are available (single tests, group tests, in-line tests, go & return, counter, etc.), plus the user can also create customized test protocols directly on the timer. Witty stores and displays all times which can then be downloaded into the Witty Manager software.

The Witty system

The Witty Kit includes all the accessories necessary to immediately start a training session:

1 Witty timer

2 wireless photocells

2 reflectors

4 telescopic tripods

1 battery charger (charges the two photocells and timer simultaneously)

Witty TAB

WITTY TAB is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a multi-capable, lightweight, easily transportable and user-friendly display board. Measuring 13x41.5x6 cm, the board is equipped with a Led dot matrix displaying 6 numeric digits of 7 segments each (10 x 5 Leds), and a sensor allowing automatic adjustment of the brightness level to suit the ambient light conditions. Brightness can also be controlled manually. The 2 lead storage batteries guarantee stand-alone operation for at least 10 hours without the need for a connection to the a.c. mains supply.

The WITTY TAB display board has an internal timer and comes complete with a radio transceiver able to communicate with Witty photocells: as the athlete passes, the photocell transmits the pertinent signal (start/lap/stop) to the board by radio. The transmission range is 150 metres under standard conditions.

The WITTY TAB display can be used in 2 different modes:

  • on its own, in combination with Witty photocells only; in this mode, times are simply displayed, without being saved for subsequent computer analysis
  • in combination with the Witty timer; pulses transmitted by the photocells are received by the board and by the timer independently, but in this case, with the timer function, data can be saved and stored for analysis subsequently on a computer using the WittyManager software package



In this section athlete profiles can be created and edited. Every profile can contain detailed information (personal data, notes, pictures, etc.). In addition, it is possible to create 'start lists' so that when transferring data to Witty not only the athletes' names and information are sent, but also in the exact order of athletes performing the tests. The lists can be used to divide a large athletes' personal database into groups (e.g. squads).


The main function of this software section is to define customized tests to be then downloaded to the Witty Timer. There are 3 main test types: Basic, Multistart, and Counter. Basic: this test is usually executed with one person after the other, allowing to carry out most of the tests. Depending on the requirements it is possible to define a Sprint test (straight or circuit, with or without intermediate times), Go & Back (multiple runs from one point to another or with more points), as well as Shuttle with recovery (if a monitored recovery period is needed between one run and another). Multistart: This option is selected if, for example because of the test length, it is necessary to have the following athlete start before the first has finished the test. Counter: This test type is useful to verify how many repetitions of a given action an athlete can execute within a certain amount of time, or, viceversa, how much time an athlete needs to carry out a set number of repetitions.


In this section the results of previously performed tests can be viewed. The results can be filtered by athlete (typing the name of an athlete only the results of tests, in which that person has participated, will be displayed), test type, date or a combination of these. Once a test is selected and the View mode is entered, the results are displayed in graphical and numerical form, depending on the layout of the predefined or customized Tables. Data can be printed and exported using a one-click option (selecting various tests) or a Report (selecting one test, where the data to be printed or exported can be configured, a logo may be added, etc.)

Photo cells Witty Gate

Due to the integrated transmission system, which has a range of 150 meters, the photocells are highly reliable. Redundant radio transmission ensures that the data acquired is transmitted to the timer with the maximum precision (±0.4 thousandths of a second) even if the signal is disturbed. The Witty timer remotely recognizes the photocell ID number, so the user can easily set the signal type on the photocell: start, stop, and intermediate times.

Double Photocells

It is also possible to use the Witty System with double photocells, i.e. one on top of the other, so that only the simultaneous interruption of both photocells generates a signal. This system ensures that the photocells are interrupted by the chest and not by the athlete’s leading arm. It is also possible to use an unlimited number of photocells to allow intermediate times.


You can combine Witty with the comet® 3p sprint trainer. Witty measures the time and documents the changes in the sprint performance due to the traction support (over-frequency training) and traction resistance. Witty is an ideal systemcomponent of the SpeedLab concept.

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