h/p/cosmos reversing treadmill belt rotation 150/50

order number: cos00098100045-02

applications: for downhill running up to maximum elevation (for treadmills with elevation)

speed range: is limited at reversing belt rotation mode to max. 5 km/h (3.1 mph) (when using the safety arch with fall-stop and with disassembling of the front handrail-crossbar, higher running speed can be used)

control: via key-switch for reverse of belt rotation; (Turn the switch only when the running belt is not moving. The added belt rollers, guiding the belt into correct position. If the running direction has been changed, it is necessary to adjust the belt according to the defined value with the allen-key. The allen-key must be removed after the adjustment)

safety systems: emergency-off safety stop switch (mushroom push button for drive system power-off); emergency stop switch (safety lanyard with actuator, pull cord and clip);

electr. motor brake: on inquiry (cos100443).

accessory (incl.): reinforced running belt with profiled surface, 5 mm thick; belt guide rollers for running belt centering only during  reverse operation


If reversing belt rotation is active, a fall security is compelling to use. A supervisor is necessary to control the running machine permanently, during a subject is running on the treadmill and using reversing treadmill belt rotation. Safety space behind of the treadmill: min. L: 2 m (6ft 6.74") x treadmill width. Please consider the natural and physical performance limitations of the single phase 230 volt power supply. The single phase 230 volt power supply is sufficient up to normal fitness or therapy applications. For all special high performance applications (speed running, controlled jump-ons, sidesteps, heavy subjects at higher speed, extreme elevations, etc.), we recommended models with a 3-phase, 3x400 volt power supply (for example model h/p/cosmos quasar med 3p, pulsar 3p, venus or saturn).