h/p/cosmos also offers additional consumables for lactate measurement which are not included in the starter kit sirius® with Lactate Scout 4 (e.g. Latex-Gloves, Kidney-Dish, Swabs, Plaster, Medi-Box). Please ask for further details. The starter kit Sirius® with Lactate Scout 4 can be used in in sports medicine diagnosis for medical supervision, in physiotherapy & recreation as well as a complement to laboratory analysis. Sports institutions, fitness studios, sports clubs & for individual coaching gain from the fast and flexible use of the system, including digital analysis of the data! The easy, comfortable and reliable use of Lactate Scout4 makes the ideal companion for clubs, teams and amateurs! The test meter Lactate Scout 4 has high ergonomic and security standards and is accredited as a medical device according to EU Directive IVD (CE0123). Manufacturer: Senslab GmbH / Leipzig / Germany
The functions:
- Result in 10 seconds
- Only a drop of fingerprick blood
- Simple to use
- Smartphone and tablet compatible Bluetooth®
- Single and step-test measurements
- Connection to heart rate monitors compatible to Bluetooth® Low Energy for linking to lactate value
- Compensated for hematocrit
- Lactate measurement value, date/time, measuring mode, temperature, heart rate and memory ID on a single display
- Stores up to 500 results
- Integrated Bluetooth™ interface to the PC
- Automatically self-test


Specification lactate meter:
Model Name: Lactate meter Lactate Scout 4
Manufacturer: SensLab GmbH
Order No.: cos14825-03
Type of device: handheld device for measuring blood lactate
Sample material: Fresh capillary whole blood
Sample volume: 0.2 μl
Measurement range: 0.5 mmol/L - 25.0 mmol/L
Hematocrit range: 20 - 70%
Precision: Hct range 35 - 50 %: 0.5 - 6.7 mmol/L blood lactate ≤0.2 mmol/L, 6.8 - 25.0 mmol/L blood lactate ≤3 % Hct ranges 20 - <35 %, >50 - 70 %: 0.5 - 7.5 mmol/L blood lactate ≤0.3 mmol/L, 7.6 - 25.0 mmol/L blood lactate ≤4 %
Measurement principle: Enzymatic amperometric determination of lactate using lactate oxidase Test duration: 10 seconds Measurement
Temperature range: +5 °C - +45 °C
Humidity: 10 - 85% relative humidity (up to 2 minutes for sensors) Storage temperature: -18°C - +8°C (sensors in container) or -20°C - +50°C (device). Max. level for use: up to 4.000 metres. Data storage: 500 lactate test values with date, time, heart rate and step test allocations, heart rate memory over 30 hours.
Data transfer: via Bluetooth® LE v4.1
Power supply: 2 x 3 V CR2450 (3V, lithium batteries, button cell batteries)
Device dimensions: 91 mm (L) x 46 mm (B) x 21 mm (H)
Service life: 5 years
Device weight: 60 g (with batteries)
Radio system: Bluetooth®
Band: 2.402 to 2.480 GHz
Transmission power: 10 mW
Language: user manual german and english
display language: english
Distribution and sales only within the EU, not for USA or Canada.
Specification lactate strips:
Name: Test strip-box 24 for Lactat Scout
Manufacturer: SensLab GmbH
Order No.: cos14854-01
Usage: The lactate test strips / sensors are compatible with the Lactate meter h/p/cosmos Sirius®, or Sirius® Lactate Scout+ and Lactate Scout 4 Storage: Protect from heat, light, sunlight, humidity and water. Store only in the original special-box, which is part of the shipment, and has to be kept closed and within the specified temperature range of -18°C to +8°C. Life-Time: Once the test strips vial is opened the test strips are stable for 90 days or until the specified expiry date if it is sooner.
Delivery includes: 24x lactate strips / sensors
1x special box for storage
Weight: 0,030 Kg
Distribution and sales only within the EU, not for USA or Canada
Specification checking fluid:
Name: Lactate checking fluid
1x 8.9 - 11.1 mmol/l
Manufacturer: SensLab GmbH
Order No.: cos15527-01-10mmol
Usage: Checking fluid for function control of the h/p/cosmos sirius®,  sirius Lactate Scout+ and Lactate Scout 4 lactate meter. Storage: Keep the test solution protected from light and high temperatures. Storage temperature +5°C bis +25°C! Transport and store the test solutions only in their original bottle! Do not fill up, dilute or mix the test solution! After use, close the test solution bottle immediately!
Life-Time: If stored properly, the test solutions are stable for 90 days after first opening or until expiry date, if it is sooner.
Target value: 10 mmol/l
Amount: 1x 2.5 ml
Distribution and sales only within the EU, not for USA or Canada.
Specification lancing device:
Name: FINETOUCH Lancing Device Type S
Manufacturer: TERUMO Deutschland GmbH
Order No.: cos100773
Lancing Device Type S with spring preload and 5 adjustable grooving depths.
Specification Lancete:
Manufacturer: TERUMO Deutschland GmbH
Order No.: cos100774
Amount: 25 lancets
Sterile lancets for the new FineTouch blood collection device Type S

Functional Design

Functional Design
• Cavity cannula with special grinding for noticeable pain reduction Hygienic handling
• The lancet housing protects the lancet device from skin contact and blood contamination, preventing cross-contamination Safety for users
• The lancet cannula is surrounded by a plastic housing before and after the puncture to protect against unintentional needle puncture injuries.
• Multiple use of a lancet is not possible. The release mechanism is only released when a new lancet is fitted.

Specification lactate strips