reverse belt rotation & running surface

Reverse treadmill belt rotation

1.326,85 €
h/p/cosmos reversing treadmill belt rotation 150/50 G6 mercury applications: for downhill running up to maximum elevation (for treadmills with elevation)
speed range: 0 … 5.0 km/h (3.1 mph) in reverse mode
no limitation in regular mode speed limit for reverse mode can be undone in case a fall prevention is used
control: via key-switch;
Turn the switch only when the running belt is not moving; 

Reverse belt rotation (downhill) 170/65

1.188,81 €

The rotation of the running belt can be switched to opposite direction for downhill motion and downhill gait therapy. The running machines should always be equipped with the optional long handrails, if deciding for the downhill option.

Furthermore an emergency-stop with magnet switch at the user terminal is also included as a standard with the downhill option.

The reverse belt rotation (downhill) is included as a standard in the model series pulsar 4.0, venus and saturn 4.0.