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Installation, commissioning, instruction, maintenance and repair work only to be conducted by h/p/cosmos trained and authorized personnel. For treadmills with oversized deck (width >65cm), for children, special applications, without sufficient safety space behind the treadmill, for subjects and / or patients with health or other limitations (e.g. visual  impairment, etc.), for running at high speed and / or for all individuals, where a fall triggers a dangerous risk of injury or death (e.g. newly operated hip patients, invasive probes, etc.), a fall prevention system is obligatory (e.g. safety arch with chest belt and harness or a weight support system). For more information see the instructions for use. Safety space behind the treadmill: min. L: 2 m (6ft 6.74“) x treadmill width. Children are only allowed to be on the treadmill, if under permanent supervision and secured by a fall prevention system.

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