performance for more speed

In nearly all performance sports speed, agility and elasticity have become more important in recent years. The faster athletes have a definite advantage. A treadmill system can make a crucial improvement to speed training – subject to certain essential requirements and the application of the latest methodology.

For sports such as American football, rugby, football or handball speeds of up to 40 km/h and more are necessary. These speeds need to be reached on a treadmill with athletes who sometimes weigh more than 100 kg (220 lbs). For that a treadmill needs power apart from anything else. Comparable with industrial machinery or electric ovens and many other types of equipment the standard 230 Volt / 16 Amp power supply doesn’t provide enough power and a 3 phase supply with 3 x 400 Volt is necessary. This avoids unwanted speed reduction or even automatic shut downs due to overload.

Speeds of 40 km/h (optionally 45 km/h / ~ 28 mph) and programmable acceleration levels together with many other functions and design details make the h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p with its 3 phase power supply unique, particularly for speed training. The drive system allows even heavy subjects to reach speeds of over 40 km/h within a few seconds and thus creates the ideal conditions for effective speed training. But this has to be approached carefully. Firstly the 100% performance limit needs to be established so that the training stimulus can be set to between 101 and 105%. Additionally unweighting through a body weight support and vest system or holding on to the handrails may be used.

Overloading can cause negative training results or even injury and must be avoided at all costs. Know how of the correct systematic and meticulous documentation is essential. h/p/cosmos® offers various expandable confi gurations of a SpeedLab®. We support you not just in the selection of the hardware but also in the methodology, analysis and documentation with the support from experts from the fi elds of speed training, fl exibility training and functional training.

only safe training can be effective!

A formular 1 driver can only drive on the limit when he knows that both his car and the track are as safe as possible. Without the safety cocpit and helmet it is unlikely that he would reach the same level of performance. It‘s similar for speed training. A subject who feels insecure and is worried that he may fall will not train to the limit and certainly won‘t train over the threshold. It would also be irresponsible for the trainers and diagnosticians to expose an athlete to the dangers of a fall at high speeds since under maximum demand on the 100% performance limit lack of coordination or even stumbling may occur.

Therefore h/p/cosmos® offers a complete package of safety measures for speed training. The safety arch with chest belt and harness not only prevents from falling in case of stumbling or fatigue, but at the same also brings the running belt automatically to a complete stop through the quick-stop system. The solid steel foot board on the left hand side has been widened for speed training and has both an anti-slip surface and clear hazard markings. This allows the subject to jump on and off from the treadmill safely, if necessary. In addition the left hand handrail has been shortened to prevent impact injuries to the hip and a hand grip has been added “just where you need it”. Often the treadmill will be jumped on to fi rst when it is running at 36 km/h then accelerated within a few seconds to 40 km/h or more. The right ergonomic design and methodoligy is necessary to achieve the best results. The athletes can therefore train safely upto their individual limits. The shortened handrail also serves for unrestricted visual access during motion capturing and therefore makes up for a very ergonomic solution in this fi eld of application.

over-frequency training for more speed

Particularly during the introduction to higher speeds over-frequency training with unweighting is a good, new and high intensity training stimulus. For effective over-frequency training h/p/cosmos® offers a range of possibilities. The special crossbar developed for speed training is the quickest and easiest form of unweighting and allows full concentration on the footwork for example during knee-lift exercise. In case that arms also need to be used during over-frequency training the h/p/cosmos airwalk® offers the ideal solution with its single point dynamic suspension giving total freedom of movement, even for side stepping, 360s and backwards running.

improved knee lift through 25% elevation and the special removable

A common training goal in speed training is the improved knee lift. To facilitate this, the treadmill must have suffi cient elevation while allowing over-frequency training through unweighting. The specially developed speed training crossbar allows quick and easy unweighting. At the same time the curved design allows the subject ample leg room. Because of the elevation of up to 25% the subject is forced to actively bring his foot forwards and upwards. Thus the knee lift is enhanced and optimised. The 3 x 400 Volt 3 phase power supply is also necessary in this situation, many treadmills that only have a 230 Volt single phase power supply would shut down due to overload or be subject to unacceptable speed variations.

the future included

The speed training treadmill solution based on the h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p allows you many additional future possibilities. You want to run performance diagnostics as well? With up to 3 communication interface ports the pulsar® 3p will fulfi ll all your needs. In addition to diverse software solutions for performance diagnostics, spiroergometry or ergometry there are many other compatible hardware and software solutions. Have a look at the compatibility list at: pulsar® 3p, the right choice for now and the future.

documented success motivates!

Success motivates. Particularly when it is well documented. As soon as the training session has been completed the laser printer connected to the treadmill prints an informative report. This allows quick and simple documentation of the training results. When a digital record is necessary the h/p/cosmos para graphics® software allows storage of the training results on a PC. In addition the load and step profiles can be controlled from the PC and displayed or even exported in other data formats for further processing in a spread sheet.

improved tensile behaviour

In addition to strengthening the knee lift, the treadmill is also well suited to improving the tensile behaviour. Results form the field indicate that this may offer significant improvements particularly for team sports. Since the treadmill belt pulls the foot back during over-frequency training, the subject must bring his foot quickly and actively forwards. Thus the tensile relations during functional movements are trained and improved. A current series of tests are being run to determine what role the new robowalk® expander system, originally developed for locomotion therapy for neurological patients, may also play for application in speed training and flexibility training for improved tensile behaviour. A number of applications in gait correction, eccentric training and sports rehabilitation are possible with the new robowalk® due to variably adjustable traction force, resistance force, vertical and horizontal angle of force. Not infrequently the methods and equipment used in athletic training and in neurological rehabilitation of stroke patients are the same, it‘s only the speeds and loads which are dramatically different.

These application included:

Pos. SKU Product Preview Quantity Price
2 cos101277 "Science port" speed output TTL
For scientific instruments and applications the raw digital speed signal data of the treadmill speed sensor are accessible here at an additional jack. It allows even access to falling and rising signal flank without any averaging calculation.
1 Inquire
3 cos10159va06 Special speed 0 - 45 km/h 190/65-3p
for sprinting and speed training for models with running surface 190/65 cm, 3-phase
1 Inquire
4 cos15133-03 Handrail crossbar 65/36 arched with grip cover
crossbar with fixation clamps for handrail Æ 60 mm, for models with running surfaces 170&190/65 cm
1 Inquire
5 cos14763-01 Handrail left shortened (speed) xx/65
short handrail left with extra grip outside for models with running surfaces 170&190/65 cm (not for h/p/cosmos locomotion®)
1 Inquire
6 cos102187 Footboard right extra wide (speed) 190/65
for diagnostics and safe jumping on and off during sprint and co-ordination training
1 Inquire
7 cos14764 Footboard left extra wide (speed) 190/65
for diagnostics and safe jumping on and off during sprint and co-ordination training
1 Inquire
8 cos10170 Safety arch 65 with harness & chest belt / fall-stop prevention
fall protection for all applications (mandatory for high risk applications); for running surface 65 cm wide
1 Inquire
9 cos14903-03-L Chest belt L for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size L (chest measurement: 105-135 cm)
1 Inquire
10 cos14903-03-M Chest belt M for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size M (chest measurement: 85-115 cm)
1 Inquire
11 cos14903-03-S Chest belt S for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size S (chest measurement: 65-95 cm)
1 Inquire
12 cos10670-01ret Rope 4.3m (replacement) for [cos10079] & [cos10170 - cos10173]
Renew the rope every 24 months, or sooner if it shows any signs of wear or damage.
1 Inquire
13 cos10670-01ret Rope 4.3m (replacement) for [cos10079] & [cos10170 - cos10173]
rope (replacement) for safety arch; to be replaced every 24 months or at the first sign of wear
1 Inquire
14 cos13476-01 DELL Laptop Computer
technical details and specification on request
1 Inquire
15 cos00097010035 Connection cable RS232 10 m
RS232, 10 m (Sub-D 9-pin male/female), USB-Adapter optionally available (cos12769-01)
1 Inquire
16 cos12769-01 USB to RS232 converter
Chipsatz: FTDI / FT232RL 1× RS232-plug(Sub D 9-pol. male) / 1× USB A Stecker
1 Inquire
17 cos12769-01 USB to RS232 converter
converter from USB to serial port RS232 (Sub-D 9-pin male)
1 Inquire
18 cos16487 3rd interface RS232 com3 coscom® 115,200 bps
additional RS232 port for ECG, EEG, PC, or UserTerminal with increased data speed
1 Inquire
19 cos30022-01va02 robowalk® expander F 170&190/65
im vorderen Bereich - für alle h/p/cosmos Laufbänder mit Lauffläche 170&190/65 cm
1 Inquire
20 cos30023-01va02 robowalk® expander B 170&190/65
im hinteren Bereich - für alle h/p/cosmos Laufbänder mit Lauffläche 170&190/65 cm
1 Inquire
21 cos101050-S Leg cuff thigh S, 1 pair
1 Inquire
22 cos101050-L Leg cuff thigh L, 1 pair
1 Inquire
23 cos101050-M Leg cuff thigh L, 1 pair
1 Inquire
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