Cycling on a treadmill

Whoever has had the privilege to train on a treadmill designed for cycling will know the vast difference to a normal ergometer and will not want to miss the possibility for training and testing.

Cyclists achieve some of the highest speeds of all sports, 80 km/h (~ 50 mph) and more in the top class. A treadmill that is to be used in this environment needs to offer enough space and have extremely fast acceleration – also allowing quick riding out-of saddle. It is crucial that the running belt has a very low rolling resistance for the wheels. The h/p/cosmos saturn® 300/100r with a special speed of 80 km/h allows both physiological performance and biomechanical analysis – under optimal and repeatable conditions. The running belt has a very low rolling restistance for the wheels.

motivation and safety – for bikes and wheelchairs

A formula 1 driver can only go to his limits when he knows that his car and the track are as safe as can be. Without a safety cockpit, a special seat belt and helmet, he would hardly get the same performance or be able to push himself to his limits. It is similar for cross country skiers, wheelchair users and cyclists if they feel unsafe and are afraid of falling.

Training or testing at speeds of 40, 60 or even up to 80 km/h (49.71 mph) on a treadmill demand a healthy respect. An increased adrenalin level for the athlete and operating personnel is necessary for testing to the limits but nothing must go wrong.

The h/p/cosmos® safety arch prevents a fall in case of a mistake, loss of coordination or stumbling. The fall stop safety system stops the treadmill immediately and automatically by means of a quickstop device. The strong safety rope prevents the subject from falling down onto the running belt. The wheelchair stabiliser keeps the wheelchair in the correct position and on track. With this sense of safety it‘s possible to test to the important and sometimes decisive level of exertion necessary for a precise diagnostics.

compatible and future-safe

Particularly in the field of sports medicine, research and professional sports there is often the need to connect an number of systems to the treadmill such as an EMG, ECG, spirometer, blood pressure monitor, external printer, h/p/cosmos para graphics® for documentation, h/p/cosmos para analysis® for lactate diagnostics or possibly other software solutions such as h/p/cosmos para motion® for motion analysis or bio feedback. Therefore most h/p/cosmos® treadmills offer an option of up to 4 PC interfaces. For the best level of compatibility and safety the coscom® v3 protocol is fully supported.

Under you will fi nd an impressive list of manufacturers and coscom® compatible devices, the free of charge coscom.dll v3 program library and the protocol description together with tips for implementation and download. A free treadmill simulator is temporarily provided for partners in order to support programmers during the implementation and testing of coscom®.

with optimal movement to success

A treadmill is particularly suitable for bio-mechanical analysis. Which wheelchair drive ring gives the best acceleration? At what cadence does the athlete have the lowest energy consumption? How can the movements be optimised?

The design of the h/p/cosmos saturn® allows good visual access from all 4 sides. You can remove temporarily the rear 2/3 of the side handrails (optional extra) and the hand rail crossbar at the front for a completely unrestricted view during movement analysis.

Motion Capturing while cycling on a saturn treadmill at ACSM 2014 (Orlando/USA)

the future acknowledged – possibilities for future retrofitting

h/p/cosmos® treadmill systems are often in use for many years – for a large number of customers that‘s already over 20 years. Desires, needs and goals may change and develop over time.

The h/p/cosmos saturn® offers you a wide variety of options and expansion possibilities. For example many systems are multi use for movement analysis or coordination and technique training with unweighting which of course can also be retrofitted. Also for rehabilitation, functional training or speed training h/p/cosmos® offers you the ideal solution. Thanks to the integrated PC interfaces and the open coscom protocol standard there is a tremendous range of compatible software solutions available.

These application included:

Pos. SKU Product Preview Quantity Price
1 cos30011-01va06 saturn® 300/100 r
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Pos. SKU Product Preview Quantity Price
2 cos100923 Variable elevation speed 200+/75+
Elevation/gradient can be changed in various speed; for models with running surface 200/75…300/125 cm. Manufactured after January 2011.
1 Inquire
3 cos00096110030 Special speed 0 - 80 km/h 200+/75+
for cyclists for models with running surface 200/75 cm…300/125 cm
1 Inquire
4 cos14192ral9007 Handrail long/short/rolled sep.1/3 300
2/3 of the rear length of the handrails are detachable for running surface 300 cm long
1 Inquire
5 cos10172 Safety arch 100 with harness & chest belt / fall-stop prevention
fall protection for all applications (mandatory for high risk applications); for running surface 100 cm wide
1 Inquire
6 cos14903-03-L Chest belt L for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size L (chest measurement: 105-135 cm)
1 Inquire
7 cos14903-03-M Chest belt M for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size M (chest measurement: 85-115 cm)
1 Inquire
8 cos14903-03-S Chest belt S for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size S (chest measurement: 65-95 cm)
1 Inquire
9 cos10670-01ret Rope 4.3m (replacement) for [cos10079] & [cos10170 - cos10173]
Renew the rope every 24 months, or sooner if it shows any signs of wear or damage.
1 Inquire
10 cos10670-01ret Rope 4.3m (replacement) for [cos10079] & [cos10170 - cos10173]
rope (replacement) for safety arch; to be replaced every 24 months or at the first sign of wear
1 Inquire
11 cos14825-02 Lactate test meter Lactate Scout+
mobile lactate test meter Lactate Scout (h/p/cosmos trademark "sirius"), manufacturer Senslab, measurement time: 10 sec.
1 Inquire
12 cos11657 Starter kit consumables lactate
contains: cos11930, cos11352, cos11353, cos11355, cos11356, cos11652, cos11351
1 Inquire
13 cos100668v4pro Software h/p/cosmos para analysis® 4.0 pro
evaluation software for professional performance diagnostics, training management and control of treadmill in combination with h/p/cosmos para control® 5
1 Inquire
14 cos13476-01 DELL Laptop Computer
technical details and specification on request
1 Inquire
15 cos13320-01 Notebookholder (mounted on ext. control desk venus/saturn)
for models with running surface 200+/75+ cm, manufactured after January 2011
1 Inquire
16 cos15580-01 h/p/cosmos® satellite print 4 CO h/p/cosmos printer rack incl. laser printer
1 Inquire
17 cos12769-01 USB to RS232 converter
Chipsatz: FTDI / FT232RL 1× RS232-plug(Sub D 9-pol. male) / 1× USB A Stecker
2 Inquire
18 cos12769-01 USB to RS232 converter
converter from USB to serial port RS232 (Sub-D 9-pin male)
2 Inquire
19 cos00097010035 Connection cable RS232 10 m
RS232, 10 m (Sub-D 9-pin male/female), USB-Adapter optionally available (cos12769-01)
1 Inquire
20 cos10223 Potential equalization cable 5 m (with 2 POAG-plugs)
potential equalization cable for medical devices
1 Inquire
21 cos14827-02 Lactate test strips sirius® 72 for Lactate Scout
lactate test strips sirius® Lactate Scout - 72 strips per box
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