An ideal solution for motion analysis for everybody

The application of motion analysis is very diverse – from running shoe advice, insoles in orthopaedic technology to therapy and progress control in rehabilitation up to optimisation of performance orientated running techniques, scientific and industrial research.

good results – well documented

A static analysis in standing, sitting or lying down is one thing. An analysis of the dynamics is something else. The analysis of the movement is ideally suited to detect motion related problems and solve them. Of course training results, therapeutic or other interventions need to be documented. Here motion analysis places many demands on a treadmill system. h/p/cosmos® offers an ideal solution for all applications with its diverse range of treadmill models, different handrails, middle marking, reverse belt rotation, safety arch with fall stop, various measurement possibilities, hardware and software.

motion analysis professional

h/p/cosmos quasar® treadmill offers larger more comfortable running surface on which taller subjects can also run using thier full stride length. As an alternative the larger h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p, h/p/cosmos venus® and h/p/cosmos saturn® models can also be used in combination with additional options and software for motion analysis. For high performance applications a 3-phased powered treadmill like the h/p/cosmos pulsar 3p or bigger is highly recommended.

In addition we also offer the h/p/cosmos gaitway® treadmill solution with integrated force plates (force sensors) for measuring ground reaction forces and a number of time and force related parameters particularly for professional sports, rehabilitation, clinical and biomechanical research.

Another advanced and sophisticated system for biomechanic applications is the zebris® FDM-system based on various h/p/cosmos treadmill models with integrated capacitive sensors. This allows measurement of pressure and/or force distribution and provides comprehensive gait analysis data in possible combination with video and optional EMG. For 3D movement analysis we offer individually tailored solutions with an unrestricted view of the runner on request.

detachable handrails – the right choice

When choosing the handrails we are confronted by two confl icting needs: for the best analysis in the sagittal plane it is better when there is no handrail in front of the camera - because this is usually at the level of the hip and complicates the analysis. On the other hand limited ambulatory users wantthe support and security of long handrails at least to get started.

Particularly for this requirement in rehabilitative motion analysis we offer detachable handrails. These can be used as long handrails for therapeutic applications. At the same time you can remove the rear part of the handrails for an unrestricted sagittal view of the runner during a motion analysis assessment.

h/p/cosmos para motion® – the quick and easy solution for documented

A software solution for motion analysis must offer the option of multiple measurements, analysis and documentation but it also needs to be user friendly at the same time.

The h/p/cosmos para motion® software solution offers you full support to help you with quick and meaningful analysis, discussions with users and athletes and control over the agreed follow-up actions. You can store your own results in user defi nable reports that allow quick and easy analysis of the therapeutic results. In addition the integrated control of the treadmill gives you access at all times to many of the relevant parameters.

h/p/cosmos para motion® is not medical software according to EN 62304 and doesn‘t provide any clinical data or therapeutic recommendations, however it can be a very useful tool to support the control, recording and documentation. Particularly valuable is the automatic correlation of patient data and video recordings in the database together with the integrated documentation of speed and elevation in the video image.

identify crossover – thanks to middle marking

During shots in frontal plane it is important to determine how far apart the feet are and their relation to the centre of gravity. An orientation line is useful for the objective measurements. However the line must not be too conspicuous or the runner may be irritated or infl uenced to “walk the line”. The narrow and inconspicuous milled centre marking in the running belt serves a simple guide during frontal shots allowing an objective evaluation of “crossover”.

combined lighting and hight adjustment: the camera stands

Optimal lighting is essential for an accurate analysis. It is particularly important that as much light as possible comes from the direction of the camera and that the camera is always at the same height as the joint that is to be analysed – in order to prevent perspective distortion. Analysis of the ankle needs to conducted just above the running surface and that of the hip at the corresponding height.

The h/p/cosmos® camera stand combines important needs. Lighting is provided by the lighting system which is included in the camera stand set. So the positions of the light source and the camera are almost identical.

The height adjustable camera mount allows simple and quick height changes without the need of re-calibration. So this system combination has a number of clear advantages compared to conventional tripod camera stands.

An additional special ceiling lighting set provides for enough lighting from above which is particular value for precise movement analysis.

comprehensive analysis with 2 cameras

Normally two cameras are used for movement analysis. One from the rear for the dorsal plane and one from the side of the treadmill for the sagittal plane. However it is also desirable for views from the front as well as from the opposite side.

This is exactly what reverse belt rotation allows. The subject turns round on the treadmill and runs in the opposite direction. The safety arch with fall-stop means that runner is always safe despite the lack of an unrestricted safety area behind the running surface and they can run without fear. Through this feature you can use a 2 camera set up in a restricted space to carry out a full analysis from all 4 sides. If required and if both, space and budget allow, the h/p/cosmos para motion® software offers an alternative with up to 4 cameras running concurrently so that videos from all 4 sides can be made at the same time.

technology, knowledge and experience from a single source

For the successful introduction and implementation of motion analysis in a therapeutic situation it‘s not just the ideal treadmill solution that is important but the knowledge of the use of the system in the daily routine.

To this end we offer not only the hard- and software but also the installation and instruction in the operation of the system in cooperation with external specialists with whom we also offer seminars and courses. This means you can work successfully from the start. Dates and details can be found on our website at For individually tailored courses on your premises quotations are available on request.

These application included:

Pos. SKU Product Preview Quantity Price
1 cos30003va20 quasar® med
1 Inquire
Pos. SKU Product Preview Quantity Price
2 cos101277va01 „science port“ speed output with raw speed data excluding the “smoothing algorithms”
1 Inquire
3 cos15351-01 Handrail 170-65 motion analysis left
handrail for motion analysis for 170&190/65 short, left, for good visibility (additional safety arch obligatory)
1 Inquire
4 cos10181-01 reverse belt rotation (downhill) - for video recording from all sides and simulating downhill
1 Inquire
5 cos14168va01 Running belt with middle marking for motion analysis 170/65
routed middle marking approx. 5 mm / for models with running surface 170/65 cm
1 Inquire
6 cos10170 Safety arch 65 with harness & chest belt / fall-stop prevention
fall protection for all applications (mandatory for high risk applications); for running surface 65 cm wide
1 Inquire
7 cos14903-03-L Chest belt L for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size L (chest measurement: 105-135 cm)
1 Inquire
8 cos14903-03-M Chest belt M for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size M (chest measurement: 85-115 cm)
1 Inquire
9 cos14903-03-S Chest belt S for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size S (chest measurement: 65-95 cm)
1 Inquire
10 cos10670-01ret Rope 4.3m (replacement) for [cos10079] & [cos10170 - cos10173]
Renew the rope every 24 months, or sooner if it shows any signs of wear or damage.
1 Inquire
11 cos10670-01ret Rope 4.3m (replacement) for [cos10079] & [cos10170 - cos10173]
rope (replacement) for safety arch; to be replaced every 24 months or at the first sign of wear
1 Inquire
12 cos00097010035 Connection cable RS232 10 m
RS232, 10 m (Sub-D 9-pin male/female), USB-Adapter optionally available (cos12769-01)
1 Inquire
13 cos14151 h/p/cosmos calibration chart frontal
printed calibration chart for correct camera alignment and optical orientation, 180/100 cm
1 Inquire
14 cos14152 h/p/cosmos calibration chart sagittal
printed calibration chart for correct camera alignment and optical orientation, 120/150 cm
1 Inquire
15 cos14239 h/p/cosmos camera stand for 1 camera 1,5 m
150 cm high camera mounting with scaled adjustment and flood light, 1x 150 Watts
2 Inquire
16 cos100743 Ceiling mounted light system
4x 150 Watts down lighters in L format for mounting on the ceiling above the treadmill (labour costs extra charge)
1 Inquire
17 cos101949 High speed camera 36 p/s LAN
high speed camera for gait and motion analysis; only applicable with objective (cos101951)
2 Inquire
18 cos101951 Objective 8mm for high speed camera
objective 8mm for high speed camera USB (cos101950) and LAN (cos101949)
2 Inquire
19 cos15508v6sta Software h/p/cosmos para motion® 6 standard
motion analysis software with treadmill control for 2 cams (Gustafsson / Dr. Marquardt analysis)
1 Inquire
20 cos14970-03 h/p/cosmos satellite PC med
medical PC, 19" LCD Monitor, COL Laser printer, potential isolation, h/p/cosmos PC table with 4 wheels
1 Inquire
21 cos16425 Steel ruler, flexible, 50 cm
flexibel biegsames Stahllineal zur konturgenauen Körpermarkierung
1 Inquire
22 cos14771 Skin Marker, thick
water resistant marker in colour purple for marking human skin
1 Inquire
23 cos10223 Potential equalization cable 5 m (with 2 POAG-plugs)
potential equalization cable for medical devices
1 Inquire
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