without worries and with motivation to the limit

A formula 1 driver can only go to his limits when he knows that his car and the track are as safe as it can be. Without a safety cockpit, a special seat belt and helmet, he would hardly get the same performance or be able to push himself to his limits. It is similar in performance diagnostics in sport and in medical diagnostics: an athlete or patient who feels insecure and afraid of falling will not find it so easy to go to his limits. To get the complete picture from both the diagnosis and training, the maximum physical exertion is often a prerequisite for an accurate test result, respectively for a predictable increase in performance.

The h/p/cosmos® safety arch with chest belt prevents falling in case of tripping and by loss of coordination in the exhaustion phase. The fall-stop stops the treadmill immediately and automatically by use of a quick-stop system. With this feeling of safety it is possible to train right up to the limit which is important for precise diagnostics.

h/p/cosmos oversize treadmill for performance diagnostics

because performance counts

Although diagnostic performance of marathon runners or triathletes only place moderate demands on a treadmill system due to the very economical running style the diagnosis of athletes from many other sports requires clearly increased performance. Also when sprint and speed tests are conducted with large and heavy athletes the treadmill system must provide, in these short-term peak loads, accurate repeatable results. Single phase power supplies with only 230 volts are often overwhelmed.


best possible compatibility with up to 4 communication ports

Especially in sports medicine, biomechanics, research and in professional sports there are often many different systems and devices that are connected to the treadmill: ECG, spirometry, blood pressure monitor, EMG, an external printer, h/p/cosmos para graphics® software for control, visualisation and documentation, h/p/cosmos para analysis® for lactate diagnostics and possibly other software solutions for motion analysis and biofeedback. h/p/cosmos para graphics® and h/p/cosmos para analysis® can serve the user as important tools to assist controlling, recording and documentation, although they are not medical software products according to EN 62304 and do not provide clinical data or treatment recommendations. For that reason all h/p/cosmos® treadmills provide for up to 4 optional PC-interfaces with different transmission speeds (e.g. 9600 or 115,200 bps) for high demands.

We achieve the best possible compatibility with the proven and reliable coscom® interface protocol, which is now supported by almost all major ergometry systems, ECG‘s, ergospirometry equipment and numerous software solutions. A „cience-port“ is also optionally available to provide the raw data from the speed sensor as a digital signal without averaging („moothing algorithm“). These signal taps are even possible for other parameters opening the path for other scientific applications both now and in the future.

standards aren‘t always applicable – lots need more

Football, rugby, American football, basketball, handball, tennis, boxing, decathlon, biathlon, marathon, hurdles, sprinting, triathlon, cross country skiing - are sports where specifi c system solutions are mostly required. Team sports athletes are often large, heavy, and some have very specifi c requirements. Many train in intervals with high velocities and accelerations - and corresponding step length.

Standard 230 volt power supplies and standard treadmills (smaller 1-phase 230 V h/p/cosmos devices) do not have suffi cient power under heavy loads and there may be major speed drops during the athletes landing phase. Often special running belts are required on which the tips from metal poles and running spikes are „tolerated“.

h/p/cosmos® running surfaces are available in various lengths, widths and combinations. Both for the acceleration of the treadmill speed and deceleration all h/p/cosmos® treadmill ergometers are equipped with several intensity levels. The individually selectable acceleration and deceleration levels range from extremely slow to extremely fast. In 3 ... 131 seconds from 0 to maximum speed. Depending on the speed and combination, acceleration values from 0.021 to 7.407 m/s² (as a digital value directly programmable) or custom designs are possible.

This allows the programming of professional true life tests and sport specifi c training to simulate specifi c situations. On the other hand a normal fi tness treadmill only lets you run fi tness applications.

safety – whilst taking blood samples and measuring blood pressure

In many cases taking a blood sample from the ear or blood pressure measurement on the upper arm are both part of a performance test.This requires the treadmill to come to a stop quickly so the blood can be sampled quickly, easily and safely.

Also here different acceleration levels and programmable pause times are valuable features allowing optimum concentration to blood sampling or blood pressure measurement. The h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p model provides acceleration and deceleration from 0.085 m/sec² (very slow) to 4.167 m/sec² (very fast; for optional 45 km/h model). For patients and insecure users the speed can be changed very slowly. For professionals and athletes it can be set to 3 seconds from 0 to 45 km/h if required. h/p/cosmos systems have both a visual and audible countdown so that both the subject and MTA (medical technical assistant) are warned in time for the next acceleration or change. Additionally there is a wide footboard with a non-slip surface for optimum stability and control for both subjects and supervising personnel.

if no compromise with your running shoe ... why then compromise on the running surface and the machine?

Athletes are very demanding in the selection of their running shoes. You should also be so in the choice of running belt and the running machine. Depending on requirements and the application h/p/cosmos® offers not only smooth but grooved or notched profiles. Our running belts are not excluded from the 3 year full warranty and are often seen running after 8 to 15 years. h/p/cosmos® treadmill systems are often in use for very long periods, for many of our customers that‘s already 20 years. Requirements, needs and goals may change and expand over time.

The h/p/cosmos® system for performance analysis provides a variety of expansion options: for example almost all systems can be extended for motion analysis or functional coordination and running technique training with unweighting and/or used with the robowalk® expander system.

h/p/cosmos® also offers the corresponding solutions for rehabilitation, functional training or speed training and agility training/flexibility training. And thanks to the built in PC interface and the open coscom® v3 protocol they can be used with the widest variety of compatible software solutions.

These application included:

Pos. SKU Product Preview Quantity Price
2 cos101277va01 „science port“ speed output with raw speed data excluding the “smoothing algorithms”
1 Inquire
3 cos102187 Footboard right extra wide (speed) 190/65
for diagnostics and safe jumping on and off during sprint and co-ordination training
1 Inquire
4 cos14764 Footboard left extra wide (speed) 190/65
for diagnostics and safe jumping on and off during sprint and co-ordination training
1 Inquire
5 cos10170 Safety arch 65 with harness & chest belt / fall-stop prevention
fall protection for all applications (mandatory for high risk applications); for running surface 65 cm wide
1 Inquire
6 cos14903-03-L Chest belt L for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size L (chest measurement: 105-135 cm)
1 Inquire
7 cos14903-03-M Chest belt M for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size M (chest measurement: 85-115 cm)
1 Inquire
8 cos14903-03-S Chest belt S for safety arch
chest belt for safety arch, size S (chest measurement: 65-95 cm)
1 Inquire
9 cos10670-01ret Rope 4.3m (replacement) for [cos10079] & [cos10170 - cos10173]
Renew the rope every 24 months, or sooner if it shows any signs of wear or damage.
1 Inquire
10 cos10670-01ret Rope 4.3m (replacement) for [cos10079] & [cos10170 - cos10173]
rope (replacement) for safety arch; to be replaced every 24 months or at the first sign of wear
1 Inquire
11 cos14825-02 Lactate test meter Lactate Scout+
mobile lactate test meter Lactate Scout (h/p/cosmos trademark "sirius"), manufacturer Senslab, measurement time: 10 sec.
1 Inquire
12 cos11657 Starter kit consumables lactate
contains: cos11930, cos11352, cos11353, cos11355, cos11356, cos11652, cos11351
1 Inquire
13 cos100668v4pro Software h/p/cosmos para analysis® 4.0 pro
evaluation software for professional performance diagnostics, training management and control of treadmill in combination with h/p/cosmos para control® 5
1 Inquire
14 cos14970-03 h/p/cosmos satellite PC med
medical PC, 19" LCD Monitor, COL Laser printer, potential isolation, h/p/cosmos PC table with 4 wheels
1 Inquire
15 cos10223 Potential equalization cable 5 m (with 2 POAG-plugs)
potential equalization cable for medical devices
2 Inquire
16 cos00097010035 Connection cable RS232 10 m
RS232, 10 m (Sub-D 9-pin male/female), USB-Adapter optionally available (cos12769-01)
2 Inquire
17 cos12769-01 USB to RS232 converter
Chipsatz: FTDI / FT232RL 1× RS232-plug(Sub D 9-pol. male) / 1× USB A Stecker
2 Inquire
18 cos12769-01 USB to RS232 converter
converter from USB to serial port RS232 (Sub-D 9-pin male)
2 Inquire
19 cos16487 3rd interface RS232 com3 coscom® 115,200 bps
additional RS232 port for ECG, EEG, PC, or UserTerminal with increased data speed
1 Inquire
20 cos14827-02 Lactate test strips sirius® 72 for Lactate Scout
lactate test strips sirius® Lactate Scout - 72 strips per box
1 Inquire
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